Ozark Season 4 Season 1 Finals End Explained by Showrunner

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Season 1 Season 1 of “Ozark”.

The fourth and final season of “Ozark” probably Separate, but the end of Season 4, Season 1 certainly packed a lot of punch – and a few shocking deaths. The first seven episodes of the final season were released on January 21, and they are not too much of a conclusion but rather a prologue, after which viewers are sure to have a lot of questions. Luckily, TheWrap recently spoke with host Chris Mundy about the explosive events of the finale and what we can expect in the final seven episodes.

The first episode of the final season introduces a new villain to Byrdes, the nephew of Navarro Javier (Alfonso Herrera), and he’s as unpredictable as he doesn’t trust Byrdes. When Navarro ceded control of his empire to Javier in an attempt to make a deal with the FBI (and thus take out his nephew with the gang), Javier took it upon himself to get it all in. Byrdes business – including killing competition by killing Darlene Snell (Lisa Emery) in cold blood. Unfortunately for Wyatt (Charlie Tahan), Darlene’s boyfriend was with her at the time and he received a bullet in the head.

Mundy reveals that Darlene’s death was an early part of their plans for the final season, but Wyatt’s death was an idea that came up later. “If this were Season 2, we wouldn’t [killed Wyatt],” Mundy confessed. “But knowing we were struggling towards the end, that helped make the decision to bring Wyatt in so the impact on Ruth could be maximum impact on that finale.”

The show’s presenter said the impact of Wyatt’s death would be addressed in the first episode of Season 4 – Season 2 (premiere undisclosed), as the finale left us with cop Ruth driving the car. angry to confront Javier.

And Javier will stay, as Byrdes’ plan to bust the gang is set aside when Maya captures Navarro on her own. Mundy said that Navarro will still be a big part of the second half of Season 4, and as for Maya’s decision to ignore her bosses and capture Navarro, it comes down to the moral nature of the character. . “Everybody is morally compromised to some degree, and some are clearly more than others, except Maya,” explains Mundy. “And I think in a way, that’s Maya’s strength, and then it’s also Maya’s Achilles heel.”

Read on to learn more about Wendy’s dark backstory, Navarro’s reaction to the Byrdes’ seeming betrayal, that flashback, what happens in the final seven episodes, and whether a spinoff of ” Ozark” is being worked on.

First of all, I want to ask about the decision to kill Darlene and Wyatt. When I was watching the season, I said, “Oh my god, is Darlene the most dangerous person on this show?” And then she finally got her appearance in this truly shocking way.

Chris Mundy: Yes. As with a lot of things on the show, our goal is to always have something to surprise you, but then if you think about it, you say, “Oh, wait, no, that’s what inevitable. Of course.” That’s like, “Javi said he’s going to do it in the first episode, why am I surprised he did it in the seventh episode?” If we can work that out, That theme in the storytelling, we feel like we’re doing a good job. So the Darlene thing we’ve always known is about to happen. We set it up so that the second thing comes out of Javi’s mouth. in volume one.

What’s not a plan, which is a bit more evolved, is that Wyatt is also a part of it. And I’ve said this once before, but if this were Season 2, we wouldn’t [killed Wyatt]. But knowing we’re hurting in the end, it helped make the decision to put Wyatt on so the impact on Ruth could be maximum impact in that finale. And that’s obviously the starting point for the final seven episodes.

Ozark season 4 lisa emery

And Julia Garner’s performance was incredible in that moment. You’ve never really seen Ruth like that before. And it’s just really devastating.

I mean, we put poor Ruth through the overlock machine, but that’s by far the rudest we’ve ever seen her.

You said you guys knew you were going to kill Darlene. So when do you hit the bottom line for these seven episodes of Ruth driving towards Javier?

It’s pretty early, I think, to start the break. We initially set it to 10 episodes and then pretty quickly we sorted it out to 14 episodes, and once that gave us the freedom to know we could get there in the middle instead of point then, that’s when we made the decision, because it really announced a lot of what became the first episode of the last seven seasons. So once that happens, maybe four weeks in the writer’s room – and in those four weeks we know a lot. Like, I know the Jonah thing is going to be a big part of that, but you start sliding blue with all of this and Javi wasn’t on this list at first on Day 1, but we were quick. come to him. And once we figured it out almost mathematically, that’s okay, we’re going to be seven, then that seems correct. That’s when we made the Wyatt decision solely because of the impact on Ruth.

And of course you have another surprise, which is Maya capturing Navarro. What is she thinking there? How did you guys achieve that?

As for me, I always knew it was going to happen. In our program, everyone is morally harmed to some degree, and some are clearly more than others, with the exception of Maya. And I think in a way it’s Maya’s strength, and it’s also Maya’s Achilles heel that she has her ideals and she has her code and she won’t deviate from it. it, even if her bosses insist that she do. So I just love the idea that this world is in harm’s way. The FBI is willing to get into this business and she is basically required to be mature and invulnerable. The way we built that character in the first place wouldn’t have been true to herself if she hadn’t done that. So to me, that’s like one of the few small wins for the unspoiled on the show, and there aren’t many of those on our show.

It feels like Byrdes and Navarro’s relationship may be irreparably fractured. Is that the kind of goal there is? I mean, the final scene between Byrdes and Navarro is really a kind of quietly devastating provision in terms of how it prolongs the time that the Byrdes have now become their criminal enterprise and what they’re willing to do. used for intimidation.

People change step by step, they don’t change everything. And it’s clear that Marty and Wendy have, in a way, a sense that Wendy is growing herself and in another way, Marty is changing. I think Navarro finds Wendy almost better than Marty in a strange way. So I think that’s why Navarro was so frustrated. I would say he understands. Navarro understands it all. He intends to kill his own nephew, the son of his sister. So I think he’s just as mad at himself as he is at Marty and Wendy, because I think there’s a small part of him that doesn’t believe that they can do something to get him in jail, or keep him. in prison. And I think that little bit of humanity in him, in a way, caught him off guard. So I think that’s interesting, but he’s not going to disappear from the second half of the season.

I also wanted to ask you about Wendy’s arc this season because it was so unexpected and pretty dark for her, to the point where she was willing to risk her son going to jail. I’m wondering how her arc building goes and if you guys have any conflicts about it, and how Laura feels about it.

ozark season 4 laura linney

Everyone is beautiful with all of that, and Laura sure is. I think there’s a sense of where we operate from and I’ve talked to Laura a lot about it, and we’ve talked to all the writers who’ve talked about it, it’s Wendy who did the worst. that she can do, it’s for her brother. killed, that with her mentality she would have to have not just success, but near-winning success to feel like all was not in vain. So instead of withdrawing, she would put on her glasses and almost get hysterical when she needed to justify what she did, because otherwise she wouldn’t be able to live with herself. . I mean, reality will be, I need to be successful or I need to kill myself. And there are absolutely no middlemen. So we just operate from there, so there’s going to be a desperation in everything she does. And even the idea of ​​being ready to capture Jonah made her desperate to save him her way. It’s just obviously very psychologically disordered.

It feels almost eerie to go back to Season 1 a bit in this ending with flashbacks there where Marty is daydreaming about the world before and all the big plans he had. I was wondering how that induction happened.

It happened in two different ways. One, I just feel that if the goal is to get back to Chicago in some way, and so it’s a circle, then revisiting that and reminding us of that feels right. Even if their life in Chicago is a bit of a lie, they’re chasing that lie in a strange way. So it’s only natural to remind people of that. And the other thing is, the footage of Marty pruning his tomato plants and calling Bruce about the office space was actually the first scene we shot on the first day of “Ozark.” First shot, first day. So there’s something really great about that, because for all of us, we all get pretty emotional towards the end of the show. We are all tired and need the season to end and also desperately don’t want it to end. So there’s something about that feeling as a reminder, of what we went through as a group. So two things happened at the same time, one in fiction and one in real life at the same time.

What can you tease fans about the final round of the final seven episodes and how far have you guys gotten in the post and everything?

We’re done. It was locked and gone.

Great. So you just sit here waiting for it to go out into the world.

Yes. I can say that we’re going to go deep the way I said, where Marty and Wendy say they have to get into the lap of the cartel to get out of the other side, we’ll dig like we’re going into a marriage, and her family, then Ruth’s relationship with them and whether they were the ones who gave the world to her or someone who ravaged her world – because in some ways both are all Byrdes. So she’s going to grapple with that and we’re going to dive into what’s best for a marriage. And hopefully it’ll still be fun in a way that at any rate, hopefully we’ll be, but I think we’re really going to focus on that at the back in the last seven games.

Given the popularity of the show, have there ever been discussions about any kind of spin-off or sequel or is this sort of thing the end of the road?

No, I hear those questions quite a lot, and I know that there are certainly people who have talked about it. I can honestly say that nothing is definitive, but it has been passed on by everyone. But it is still in question mark phase on all fronts.

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