Opinion: Regarding the sound of Pelosi humiliating the emerging average American

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Remember when Nancy Antoinette went to a salon that has been closed by Covid policies, the kind she advocates, forcing the owner to open it for her and no one else?

Remember when she showed off her insanely expensive freezer, full of gourmet ice cream, at a time when many Americans were out of work thanks to Covid? If you don’t, here’s the video:

So maybe she has a knack for ice cream, but Pelosi has a less obvious taste in what to post or say when ordinary Americans are suffering.

And now she’s back at it, though perhaps she’s gotten worse, going from out of touch to a little out of favor.

That, at least, is impressive given the recently leaked audio, which RNC released alongside a video of the infamous ice cream confection. Here is the leaked audio:

Gateway Pundit, reports on what can be heard in the leaked clip, report that:

“And to this day my husband Paul, who was born and raised in San Francisco – I was born and raised in Baltimore – to this day, he likes to have dinner at 8 and I like to eat at 5 hours 30 minutes, like a farmer,” Pelosi said in an undated audio track released Wednesday by RNC Research.

Sorry. However, it appears that the audio and video clips that RNC used for it have anything to do with anything other than spirit. Although her elitism is present in both, it seems the two incidents are different.

However, the combination highlights an important aspect of Nancy Pelosi’s personality: she looks at the average American with disdain.

A certain type of person has to show off a $20,000 fridge full of gourmet ice cream while millions of people are out of work. It takes a particular type of person to describe people who eat at a given time because they have no connection to get the best reservations as “farmer”.

Now, perhaps such behavior can be excused, or at least tolerated, among those that have actually earned their money. It’s not great, but people like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, or Andrew Carnegie act like expected elites because, well, they’ve made billions from relatively modest backgrounds.

But Pelosi is not that person: she is a “public servant”. Yes, her husband is rich and makes money from the bank. But Pelosi is an elected official; there is a certain amount of embellishment to be expected, a certain standard of behavior that cannot be tolerated for any degree of her wealth.

Furthermore, her having to be a “public servant” made matters worse as she flaunted her wealth and called Americans farmers; She must serve the American people, not vilify them and belittle them with disdain.

However, she is, because that is the nasty Nancy Pelosi. She’s the type who seems willing to call you a farmer for dinner earlier than she is. Opinion: Regarding the sound of Pelosi humiliating the emerging average American

Jake Nichol

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