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Joe Biden, on Wednesday, March 16, announced that more American taxpayer dollars will be sent to Ukraine as weapons so it can protect its borders from invaders. Russian strategy.

Now, with plenty of cash to spend on weapons for Ukraine, Biden is shipping more than 800 Stinger anti-aircraft weapons, 9,000 anti-armor weapons, 100 drones, 100 grenade launchers, 1,000 pistols, 5,000 rifles, 400 machine guns, 400 pistols, and 20 million giant bullets.

And that’s just the beginning. Reporting on the massive weapons package, Biden said “there will be more packages soon.”

Why did the Ukrainians get all those weapons? Why do we spend billions of dollars on another country’s war? Because Team Biden and the global machines working for it, for some reason, decided that Ukraine’s borders were worth defending and that the Ukrainians had a right to stop the aggressors.

That might make sense under an ordinary president, but this is Joe Biden, the president said”no other wall will be built on my administration“, the president let two million illegal immigrants cross the border last year, and the president slowed deportation altogether.

Biden, who spend about 6 million dollars Trump’s day of no border wall construction and partial completion of construction, decided for some reason that Ukraine has the right to defend its border from Russian aggressors but his country, the United States, has no right to defend its borders.

Perhaps the Russians should call themselves illegal immigrants or “Dreamers” and write “no humans is illegal” rather than “Z” on their tanks and armored vehicles. surname.

Worse, however, than the money spent securing another country’s borders while ours lies unchallenged and frequently violated are calls for a no-fly zone or some Another major escalation, calls that, if heeded, could lead to World War Three.

We are risking global nuclear thermal war, the end of the world as we know it if not the world itself, across the border of Ukraine, where we are for some reason determined to be impossible. intrusive and deserving of a potential nuclear disaster.

However, while nukes remain poised and fans like Lindsey Graham call for more provocations and retaliation over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, millions of illegal immigrants flood through. The US-Mexico border and our ruling class could not care less, much less to solve the problem and fix it.

Maybe the US should send weapons to Ukraine. Maybe that escalation was worth it, although the weapons would probably be better used if sent to defend Taiwan.

However, to spend billions while our borders are impregnable, that is the pinnacle of hypocrisy and needs to be called out. Op-Ed: Biden’s Borderline Hypocrisy – Smart Zune

Jake Nichol

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