“Not Confident”: MTG Skewers “Dictator Joe Biden” and RINO “Feckless”

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Brilliant Marjorie Taylor Greene declareblasted both Joe Biden and RINO in her party, leaning toward Biden for dictatorship and RINO for “unifying with the Democratic Party.”

She started by hitting Biden, calling him a dictator and saying the Democrats were trying to pull off a communist takeover of America, saying:

Since Dictator Joe Biden started phase 1 of the Dems’ Communist takeover of America yesterday and I have no GOP Conference call on my calendar or an email in my inbox from leadership to stop this madness, I will do more direct than usual.

She then immediately reveals the RINOs that have disappointed GOP voters time and time again, criticizing them for their failed promises and refusing to deal honestly with the MAGA movement. In her words:

I’m running for Congress because when Republicans controlled the House and Senate for the first two years of Trump’s presidency, they failed to bring the key issues that matter most to the candidates. Republican trio.

Broken campaign promises: Repeal Obamacare. Obamacare took my family premium from $800 to over $2400 Funded and built a border wall. Rs financed everything for foreign countries but did not build a wall for the Americans.

Weaken the city of Sanctuary. Rs is funded for cities harboring illegal aliens. Planned Parenthood Defunding. In the first two years under Trump, Rs couldn’t even tear down that disgusting abortion workshop. No, they sponsored it. That’s something I really can’t get over.

Remember that big Omnibus that Trump was so mad at, the one that pissed us all off? Trump said never put another bill like this on my desk and Republicans left our great President no other choice.

Illegal immigration. Abortion. Budget. Obamacare. Foreign policy. One matter after another, Uniparty’s half of the GOP has let MAGA voters down despite relying on their support to get elected.

Speaking of Uniparty, she highlighted the disaster that successive Democratic and Republican administrations have caused, saying:

The political pendulum has been swinging back and forth between Rs & Ds for decades and we are $30 trillion in debt, on the brink of communism, in danger of economic collapse, completely dependent fully into the global economy, & who has experience want to lecture me on how it’s done?

She then, after explaining what she thought needed to be done right now, confirmed the “moderator” and RINO responsible for a lot of our current problems, saying:

Those weak and moderate Republicans do not reflect the values ​​of our base or our party. Why are they the ones to dilute the decisions and stop the war? So going back to where I started on why I’m running for Congress, Republicans have failed to do what they say they will.

And who are the two people she is referring to? GOP leadership. In her words:

Right now, I don’t trust the current leadership to do their job effectively to stop the Democrats’ unprecedented assault on our freedoms and the future of our children. us because they took no action to prove it.

They were the first to throw me under the bus even though the entire base as well as their own voters and sponsors supported me.

[…]Democrats want everyone to be top of the Republican party on one plate and two unscrupulous Republicans are on their witch hunt committee for that to happen and we can’t even fire 2 traitors that out of the conference itself!

MTG was right. The RINOs have let us down time and time again and need to be held accountable.

https://smartzune.com/no-confidence-mtg-skewers-dictator-joe-biden-and-feckless-rinos/ “Not Confident”: MTG Skewers “Dictator Joe Biden” and RINO “Feckless”

Jake Nichol

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