Nintendo fans use Game Boy Advance SP to print bored NFT Ape

Image from Twitter user DerrickMustDie of a pink Game Boy Advance SP connected to a Game Boy Printer, to which the printer is copying the NFT Bored Ape.

We can all agree that NFT sucks, right? They gnaw off energy like wood-eating termites and emit tons of greenhouse gas emissions, destroying our world every time a cryptocurrency is sold. On top of that, you don’t get anything physical, just a digital certificate of blockchain ownership. Thankfully, the internet is full of criticism and ridicule of the NFT, and this takes the cake… or I guess you could say it takes up the NFT? You get it.

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Twitter users DerrickMustDie posted to the social media platform on January 22 with what I think is the funniest way to “steal” an NFT. Derrick connect Game Boy Advance SP to Game Boy Printer and click print. It’s a bit more complicated, says Derrick Kotaku via email, but the result is an expensive boring monkey NFT that is continuously printed through unconventional means. The player who impressed me malfunction and run fastbut this feat is on a whole other level.

“I look pretty replaceable,” Derrick shouted in the tweet. The Game Boy printer will actually also print out the NFT after the NFT just like printing money. I don’t recommend stealing in any capacity, but come on! This is so funny.

But which NFT is Derrick copying? The first choice, he said, is the “most expensive NFT on sale,” but the actual image is very ugly and will be unrecognizable after printing. So instead, Derrick and his sketch team Lonely Space Vixensa group of friends upload comedic sketches to YouTube about pop culture topics like bitcoin and Waifus got the NFT-stealing factory up and running, Googled being “‘most expensive’ boredape and just use it.”

Then it was a matter of connecting and setting everything up.

According to Derrick, the part his team struggled with was the paper. It turned out that the Game Boy Printer, a device designed to be used in conjunction with the Game Boy Camera and manufactured between 1998-2003, used thermal paper like most receipt printers. The results were not good because Derrick and his colleagues were not new. Two of their scrolls were sealed, but the rest were from at least 2000. They looked through a few scrolls, with the image appearing jumbled.

An image from DerrickMustDie depicting him holding his NFT Bored Ape print, made using the Game Boy Advance SP and Game Boy Printer.

Still having problems uploading images to the Game Boy Advance SP and getting the Game Boy Printer to do its thing. Derrick said by connecting the printer to the handheld using a Game Boy Link Cable — the same cable used for transactions Pokémon or play a multiplayer game — and using the Game Boy Camera, he can right-click the NFT to start the process. Linking cables was difficult, and the first handsets used were uncooperative, he said, noting that, “….we kept having printer failures,” Derrick said.

“We looked for the printer error code and it was a battery issue that was preventing the printer from getting enough power, so we put in a new SIX AA battery to power it,” he added, before going into the broader list of troubleshooting issues that reside in and parcels dealing with older hardware. It wasn’t until they got their hands on the Game Boy Advance SP, along with the various cables, that they were able to open the printer.

Now that Derrick and his team have printed an NFT, something seemingly worth millions of dollars, they intend to “mint the superseded token into the blockchain.”

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Listen, I’m not advocating art theft here. Artists deserve to be compensated for the work they put into their creation. So pay your manufacturers. But the NFT reduces art to mere commodities for capitalists to own and collect. It sucks, so I’m happy to see rebels like Derrick and the rest show how worthless NFTs are. Nintendo fans use Game Boy Advance SP to print bored NFT Ape

James Brien

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