Night spells in Elden Ring – what they are and where to find them

Are you a thieving demon goblin of the night? Do you have a thing for scurrying around in bushes and crawling on top of some of the Godrick soldiers while they chill by the fire and mind their own business? Are you in the Elden Ring just for invisibility and backstabs? Well, then it sounds like Night Sorceries might be right up your alley.

Night Sorceries are for players who want to make Elden Ring a stealth game. From invisibility to sneaky projectiles, these are all of the night magics in Elden Ring, what they do, and where to find them.

Ambush Shard: This spell stab people in the back. The Ambush Shard Sorcery summons a projectile that shoots its target in the back. Ambush Shard requires 23 Intelligence to cast and can be found on the Weeping Peninsula at the Witch Bane Ruins, located south of the Fourth Church of Marika.

Eternal Darkness: The one thing any Elden Ring player needs to ruin a caster’s day is the Eternal Darkness Sorcery, which attracts enemy spells and deflects them away from the player. Eternal Darkness requires 35 Intelligence to cast and can be found in the swamp lookout prison cell towering over Caelid, which is only accessible by lifting the seal in the Ruins of the Way of the Sages that unlocks the archway at the top of the stairs opens.

Night Comet: Fires a seemingly invisible projectile that can be thrown as a chain. Night Comet requires 38 Intelligence to cast and can be found by lifting the seal that opens one of the doors in Street Sage Ruins.

Night Maiden Mist: Sends out a cloud of mist that damages everything in its path. Night Maiden’s Mist only requires 14 Intellect to cast and can be purchased from Gowry for 5,000 Runes after completing its questline.

Night Shard: Quickly fires nearly invisible projectiles at enemies, requires 18 Intelligence to use and can also be purchased for 4,000 Runes after completing Gowry’s quest line.

Invisible Blade: Makes your weapon invisible, which can be useful for PvP but not many other aspects of the game. Aside from Unseen Blade 12 requiring Intelligence to cast, it also requires completing the Mirage Rise puzzle.

Invisible Form: The real reason everyone will be reading this guide, Unseen Form renders the caster invisible, requires 16 Intelligence, and is the reward at the end of the Mirage Rise puzzle. Night spells in Elden Ring – what they are and where to find them

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