NFL Standings: Updated images of AFC, NFC playoffs after Week 10 of the 2021 season

The 2021 NFL season is entering double-digit weeks and is past the midpoint of the new 17-game schedule. It’s the perfect time to check out the updated standings and what the playoff picture looks like after the Week 10 action.

The League still keeps the playoff playing field open, with 14 of the 32 teams (43.8%) set to qualify for the most recent post-season. That number includes 7 people who attended the AFC and NFC, only the No. 1 seed said goodbye thanks to the home field advantage.

Who will join, who is still in contention, and who will think about next season? Here is a comprehensive view:

Titans take over; Cowboys, Patriots shot up; Buccaneers, Raven drops in Week 11

(Beautiful pictures)

NFL standings after Week 10

Pictures of the AFC playoff match

Who will participate?

1. Tennessee Titans (8-2), 1st place, AFC South. The Titans have significant wins over the Bills and Chiefs to build on their solid conference record, only to lose to the Jets. Their other loss was the Cardinals. Defeating the saints, they were half a game ahead of the losing Crows. The remaining strength of the schedule: .346

2. Buffalo Bills (6-3), 1st place, AFC East. The Bills were excited when they beat the Chiefs 5-1 but lost tough games to the Titans and Jaguars to follow up on a Week 1 home loss to the Steelers. In addition to falling to this seed, that has reduced their group lead over the Patriots to just half a game. That’s why their Jets’ rebound win is huge. The remaining strength of the schedule: .513

3. Baltimore Ravens (6-3), 1st place, AFC North. The Ravens failed to put pressure on the Titans and Bills by being shocked by the Dolphins on Thursday night. They had important AFC wins against Captains and Ministers but also lost against the Raiders and Bengals. The key to them holding a strong position with no wild cards is winning more in the tough AFC North in the long run. The remaining strength of the schedule: 579

4. Kansas City Chiefs (6-4), 1st place, AFC West. The Captains took over their rightful place in the division by beating the Raiders and also getting a respite from the Charger that lost the late afternoon window in front of them. They will need to be completely ahead of the frontrunners to move up to No. 1 as their three losses come to the Titans, Bills and Raven. The remaining strength of the schedule: 577

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-3-1), 2nd place, AFC North. The Steelers are hoping to be right behind Raven in the chase for a consecutive second-place championship title. They won against the Bills, Browns and Broncos but lost against the Raiders and Bengals. They were defeated but should still defeat the Lions. A draw is still a better result than what the Browns had. The remaining strength of the schedule: .600

6. New England Patriots (6-4), second place, AFC East. The Patriots rallied to get two games over .500 and keep the Bills from running away with the division again. They won the important wild card game against the Browns in Week 10. Their other big win went to the Chargers. The remaining strength of the schedule: .515

7. Los Angeles Chargers (5-4), 2nd place, AFC West. The Chargers grabbed a surprise win over the squad in Week 10 thanks to wins over the Captains and Raiders, so the home loss to the Vikings took a toll. Brandon Staley was a candidate of the year as a 2nd year nominee alongside Justin Herbert by accident. They need to maintain the strong play of AFC West in the second half. They need to beat the Chiefs again, now will follow them half way through the match. The remaining strength of the schedule: .473

Who can go there?

8. Cincinnati Bengals (5-4)
9. Las Vegas Raiders (5-4)
10. Indianapolis Colts (5-5)
11. Cleveland Browns (5-5)
12. Denver Broncos (5-5)

The Bengals and Raiders have an important game against each other on Week 11 in Las Vegas. The Browns need to quickly get used to the AFC North again. The Broncos will surely perish and the Colts may have dug themselves a hole too big to return as a wild card.

Who’s going out?

13. Miami Dolphins (3-7)
14. New York Jets (2-7)
15. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-7)
16. Houston Texans (1-8)

No surprises here, save for the big drop on Dolphins. The Jets and Jaguars need to see more of their rookies in the first round in the second half.

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beautiful pictures

NFC playoff images

Who will participate?

1. Green Bay Packers (8-2), first class, NFC North. The Packers defeated the Cardinals but lost to the Saints among the opponents. They don’t need to worry about division again and would love to book the playoff path through Lambeau Field. They returned to that important position after winning against the Seahawks while the Cardinals lost. The remaining strength of the schedule: .454

2. Arizona Cardinals (8-2), first class, NFC West. The Cardinals rolled around on their first-half schedule, saving for a Week 8 loss at home to the Packers, the team currently directly ahead of them. They also have an important road win against the Rams already in the division. But the loss of the Panthers without Kyler Murray in Week 10 could haunt them for a while with the split advantage shrinking. The remaining strength of the schedule: .438

3. Dallas Cowboys (7-2), 1st place, NFC East. The Cowboys jumped back here after recovering from the Broncos home defeat by ripping the Falcons back. They are still in great shape to flee the division and stay healthy thanks to home advantage. The remaining strength of the schedule: .493

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-3), first class, NFC South. The Buccaneers don’t want to fall to a wild card again and need to worry about finishing to the Saints, who they lost in Week 8. They remain a strong threat to finish as be the number two seed to become their Super. The road to a Bowl repeat was a little easier but their shock Week 10 loss in Washington, their second in a row, didn’t help. The remaining strength of the schedule:.467

5. Second place Los Angeles Rams (7-3), NFC West. The Rams were unable to enter into a virtual relationship with the Cardinals, to whom they lost, when disturbed by the 49ers on Monday night for their second consecutive defeat. They are still in strong form for at least this seed and will continue to push for the championship with another game against the remaining Arizona. The remaining strength of the schedule: .538

6. New Orleans Saints (5-4), 2nd place, NFC South. The Saints have some big NFC wins on their résumé against the Packers, Buccaneers and Seahawks. The conference is weak enough to at least fall back this seed or 7th seed behind with the Bucs, with a fair shot to repeat in the division. Unfortunately, they were unable to defeat the Titans to take advantage of the Buccaneers’ fall. The remaining strength of the schedule:.493.

7. Carolina Panthers (5-5), third place, NFC South. The Panthers jumped here into last place before their game in Arizona thanks to the Falcons, whom they beat earlier in the season, losing to the Cowboys. They stayed here by beating the Cardinals as the only precision .500 team in NFC. The remaining strength of the schedule: .516

Who can go there?

8. Minnesota Vikings (4-5)
9. San Francisco 49ers (4-5)
10. Atlanta Falcons (4-5)
11. Philadelphia Eagles (4-6)
12. Washington football team (3-6)
13. New York Giants (3-6)
14. Seattle Seahawks (3-6)
15. Chicago Bears (3-6)

The Vikings, who have beaten the Panthers and Seahawks, can still run to a wild card if they find a way to win the closer matches. Likewise, it’s impossible to count the 49ers to rally, especially after a bold win over the Rams. The Falcons are an odd team from week to week, hard to believe. The Seahawks remain dangerous with the return of a healthier Russell Wilson. Eagles, Giants, and Washington have only one desperate wild path behind the Cowboys. Bear and is hanging on a thread.

Who’s going out?

16. Detroit Lions (0-8-1)

Let’s put the Lions on a pure track without a win for the rest of the season with a draw after bye. | NFL Standings: Updated images of AFC, NFC playoffs after Week 10 of the 2021 season

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