NFL insider note: Need to change COVID-19 protocol, teams fear crisis could destroy things worse than last year

The NFL is having a COVID-19 crisis. The league and the NFLPA need to act accordingly.

As reported last week, there’s been a growing backstop among the teams to go back to last year’s protocols and check out everyone who joined. NFL on a daily basis and is also strongly considering adopting more intensive measures, including mandatory mask wearing and moving more meetings and work interactions to a virtual format.

These are desperate times. Teams can feel the cracks in the system growing larger. The virus is starting to derail the game and practice preparations, a new variant has formed and many people are gathering indoors with the holiday season upon us. Anecdotally, the people who oversee the daily roster have a strong sense that things are about to get worse again, and there is a common notion among them that the owners of these teams as well as the office federation and federation have developed the best. protocols.

And that was before the final 75 players were put on the COVID roster on Monday and Tuesday alone. That was before the league’s decision-makers gathered in Dallas for a federation meeting. That’s before a number of other teams are aggressively looking for freelance agents to fill their rosters, or practice teams with entire sets of slots compromised by COVID, once again. And, many of them fear that the situation in the final weeks could threaten to derail games and seasons, even more than this virus did a year ago, because of a lack of communications. more rigorous.

Some executives with NFL team said they have been told that about five percent of NFL players have received a booster shot, along with about 33 percent of all Level 1 and Level 2 staff. I’ve reached out to several developers. NFL statement about that Tuesday; No one has denied those numbers, no official statement has been provided. I was told that perhaps the NFL would address this issue today.

Bottom line, the competitive balance has been and will be impacted by COVID unless some change is made ASAP. Nothing is absolute, but it is clear that there are major holes in the system where vaccinated players are only tested once a week and the only teams involved in the intensive processes are dealing with with disease outbreaks. Not particularly active.

“What are we doing here?” an NFL executive said. “Where’s common sense? What do we lose by testing everyone every day and moving to advanced protocols? What are the limitations? Money? I don’t understand.”

Another executive whose team is tackling the current COVID situation said: “It will probably get worse for us before it gets better, if it gets better. NBA and NHL. People are getting closer together. You don’t see people wearing masks indoors like they should. I was scouting and people weren’t wearing masks at the airport. We need to do something here before it’s too late. This is the biggest problem of the league right now. “

Let’s hope some immediate progress is made at these meetings. Because tomorrow will probably add 20-30 more players to this list. And the NFL is about to start playing short games during the week rather than full season with a packed Saturday schedule. And if they don’t panic a little on Park Avenue about how this is trending, they clearly aren’t listening to the moderators and coaches who actually run these teams.

Harbaugh’s Analytical Analysis

A lot of attention has been poured on John Harbaugh’s decision to cast the two after a cutback incident Ravens‘deficit in Brown on Sunday until 24-15. They surmised it was a case of analysis running wild. Burn the computer, they exclaim!

Okay, no computers were harmed. And no one has gone that far. But some of the excitement may have gone too far. As Harbaugh will explain it, his team will need to convert to two points at some point in order to take the lead, he wants to push the matter of points first, and then offensive behavior. and his defense knows exactly what they will need to produce to try to draw or win this game in the final nine minutes.

You can’t argue with math. It’s not really analytics. It’s a simple equation that actually requires a two-point conversion. Stage = Stage.

Now, when Harbaugh started to explain that it was really “no decision,” that left my dinosaur a little more dumbfounded. Because it has to be a personal decision in any individual situation in the flow of the game, the way the Browns and Ravens are performing, trauma, motivations (for lack of better work), and the mentality of the game. play. And one could argue, given the staunchly conservative nature of Cleveland’s offense, and with Baker Mayfield seems afraid of making mistakes and looks shaky, well, maybe to automatic Justin Tucker score that extra point and let the Browns, who appear to be in choking mode, know this is a one-point game. And I understand that.

I kicked it. But I don’t think you can falsify the logic of what Harbaugh did or try to say it’s a misconception. And, for what it’s worth, among Ravens fans, who are used to (or, in some cases, resigned) the way Harbaugh runs, agree with the coach (and I). believe that a lot of people in Baltimore are skeptics). We put out a poll on the twitter feed for my talk show in Baltimore (@IA1057The Fan) and out of 1,222 respondents, 57% agreed with the coach.

Time is changing. And I understand.

For Urban Meyer, it was a time of crisis

The next two weeks will be huge for Urban Meyer.

Can his bad outfit beat Texans and/or Jet plane? Can they manage to get swept up in a Houston campaign that barely acknowledges its lust for first overall pick? Is that enough to get owner Shad Khan to admit he made a $60 million mistake?

A lot of smart people around this league believe it might be. The team is submitting a season ticket extension. The fan’s indifference was replaced by fan anger. Meyer was a source of contempt within that organization and within the fan base. Attendance is ugly. This is not a win at the box office or on the charts or in terms of optics or PR.

Is Sunday a must-win game? Or, even with a win over the lowly Texans, would a loss to the Jets be enough for Meyer to get a head start in a coach search? Depends on who you ask. But with Khan and his executive team gathered in Jacksonville, the situation is pretty dire, and it’s going to be a lot harder for a forward-thinking leader to make the case for keeping Meyer behind. that would simply be recognizing and acknowledging the plight of these people. player and make changes. NFL insider note: Need to change COVID-19 protocol, teams fear crisis could destroy things worse than last year

Subhankar Mondal

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