NFL insider note: Major Cardinals concerns emerge, Steelers win despite irreparable offense, more from Week 15

Maybe it’s time to start worrying about The Arizona Cardinals. They may have peaked too soon.

Kyler Murray’s The conversation about MVP has subsided. Violation, no stud . receiver DeAndre Hopkins, is the best pedestrian. It’s fair to wonder how good this offensive line is, especially in the days when Murray was just a human. They have lacked some energy and strength in recent weeks. And defense tends to rely on turnover or big play, which isn’t nearly as often these days.

Sunday’s stink in Detroit brought all of these recent concerns to light, and one can ask some important questions about the direction of this offense and the ability of one to handle it. Young teams with inexperienced coaching staff – especially when it comes to the knockout stages – expectations suddenly spiked as they started 7-0. Something obvious has happened, all around, over the past few weeks, and I can’t help but wonder if the Cardinals aren’t doubting themselves at all, in practical terms. Super Bowl competitor.

I wonder if we’ve seen the best of them yet. Arizona is 3-4 in the last seven games. And sink.

Murray has had a pretty bad run since returning from a one-month break with an ankle injury; Honestly, the offense has hit some consistently highs during his absence that they’ve been hard to hit since his return. Hopkins is absolutely essential to everything they do, and with him at least getting into the knockout stages, this employee figured something better and fast. A team that has done its offensive behavior through its receiver – using that and Murray’s foot to set everything else up – now has only one person receiving TD from the receiver in the past seven games? ?? The Cardinals had all 85 yards in the first half against a spongy Detroit defense, and their 17-0 deficit feels much deeper, though Lion‘predict to blow any and every possible lead. At 17-3, with a chance to drive midway through the third, Murray threw a pick; Detroit immediately scored in the net exactly the kind of dynamic change Arizona has made in its winning streak.

Also to consider, the Lions let in a TD goal or goal on all 43 possessions of the red area until the end of the second half, when the Cardinals stopped for the fourth goal and goal. Perhaps ran out of ideas? Arizona had three trips out of 10, and settled for two goals on the field after initial sales went down. Maybe out of breath? This offense doesn’t look cunning or cruel or confident.

Regardless, it may be the case, as it has become Chief and Cowboys, that this defensive team would have to carry the Cardinals as far as possible. I’m not sure that’s close to what many might have predicted mid-season. But I don’t like the looks of this group.

Steelsmith Survive despite completely broken offense

The Steelers attack was broken. In addition to repair. And their seasons persist.

They haven’t been able to muster any attacks in the first half of the game for over a month. They have been trailing in the first half of their last six games by a staggering 91-19. They have no pulse or heart rate, they look lost and lethargic and opponents are flooding their attack line and destroying the running game without giving up. Ben Roethlisberger can’t do much, but he’s not even the biggest problem.

Pittsburgh, playing at home with an intense season, has concentrated all 35 yards in its first four, in 14 runs. Do mathematics. Lucky. The Titan held the ball at 10:17 on their goal to bleed the clock in the second half; The Steelers held the ball for 8:41 the entire half. The Steelers converted their first third down with six minutes left in the third quarter. It’s not repairable, and it doesn’t appear to be repairable. Only three weeks left at least, but somehow they beat the Titans, 19-13.

It took one more Herculean defensive effort to force this return; Violations hardly happen for the trip. Four things have been done. At the end of the game, the Steelers are forced to reverse assets in a row, and the concentrated attack doesn’t take the first kill. Kicker Chris Boswell pretty much is offense these days. However, somehow, the Steelers are still alive. TJ Watt continues to fight for the sack and chase history, and Mike Tomlin continues to prevent his first losing season, somehow.

Pittsburgh only had the first 12 kills in the game and only 168 yards fouled and equalized 2 for 11 in third and only 20:52 on the ball, and won. They got 35 yards into the net… and won. Winning the revenue gap, 4-0, is the difference. The pattern is hard to replicate week after week, but it’s still enough to give them hope of hitting post-season on Big Ben’s final ride.

Other Insider Notes from Week 15

  • Dak Prescott still having a good time. The Cowboys can couch it any way they like, but that’s not good and he missed the easy and simple pitches and they weren’t a big crime game anymore…
  • The Houston Texas there may not be a single player on the roster to score even 500 meters above scenario this season, despite a 17-game season. Crazy. But Davis Mills continues every week looking like a midfielder could stick around for a while. The kids fight and play the hard way and if nothing else can be a quality long term backup…
  • Still looking for proof that Joe Judge really qualifies to be a NFL Head Coach. The hard work of managing the game week after week, coupled with the bizarre salad press conferences. I’ll believe he’s completely safe when we see him in the final. He hasn’t captured anyone’s imagination yet, and owner John Mara should keep an open mind about where his team stands and who can really get it where they need it to be. They are not close.
  • The Dolphin appeared sloppy after the bye week, but showed plenty of trouble in the second half. Tua Tagovianoa ran the ball with the government – yes, run it at him – and hit that team’s net. They withdrew from Jet plane late to keep their inevitable playoff hopes alive. That defense is legal. They won a game with COVID taking away some of their key players. And I doubt that they hit their target but from here on it will be very difficult…
  • Think that Jaguar could be good for a win, and a good performance, with Urban Meyer finally gone. Not much. Being swept by the Texans is a tough way to go, but it does but they’re superbly positioned to win the first overall pick for the second year in a row. NFL insider note: Major Cardinals concerns emerge, Steelers win despite irreparable offense, more from Week 15

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