NFL DFS Optimizer Picks: Seahawks vs. Washington DraftKings & FanDuel Tonight’s lineup

NFL DFS Blocking Vehicle for Monday Night Football features a contest between the Seahawks and the team with the dumbest name in football. The Washington football team entered as the home team under 1 point in a game with a total of 48, it was an exciting match to build the NFL DFS roster for the DraftKings Showdown and FanDuel singles game competitions. . The game has a few stars available, and there are some incredibly fun leverage plays in Awesemo’s engines that are well worth exploring. Reaching differentiated formations is crucial in the Showdown format, where options are too thin and most of the area is within a limited number of conventional build lanes. Finding the right aggressive leverage play to get into score-goal teams is essential to creating winning lineups for the FanDuel and DraftKings Showdown NFL DFS rosters.

The Awesemo Top play engine is the best way to find low equity value and leverage, when using this tool we want to focus on the probability of success but also how much the player owns when compared to that probability and can indicate whether the field has ended or not. light weight to play. Using all of Awesemo’s expert data and tools, let’s find the top NFL DFS optimizer picks for tonight’s DraftKings and FanDuel Showdown lineups.

NFL’s DFS Optimizer’s Pick: Monday Night Football Week 12

Small Sample Center – Trends and Notes

Some key roster building notes from previous versions of the article will continue to be listed in this space, but each week we’ll try to find similarities based on Vegas data and game environments. Playmates from historic competitions in the DraftKings Showdown team from 2019 through this week’s contests. It is important not to focus too much on results-based thinking in such a small sample. Building a quality lineup is always a focus, but historical results can help make some fundamental decisions in the context of pricing and ownership. A quick recap of previous content:

  • According to tracking data for the DraftKings Showdown competitions in 2019 and 2020, only 17 of the 95 options were won with the Midfielder Captain.
  • On the same sample, the wide receiver and the backtracker split the results equally, with 33 winning events each.
  • Of the 38 times where a wide collector or tight finish in the Captain position won, only three of those builds did not include at least one quarterback in the Flex position.
  • Thirty-five of the 95 winning formations had at least one defense, but only two of them had both.
  • Twenty-nine winning lineups featured at least one starter, but only two of them included both.
  • Only eight winning lineups included at least one defender and one free-kick, while one won the tournament with two defenders and one free-kick in 2019.

Tonight’s match has a total of 48 points and the point difference is only one, with the visitors Seahawks going to be the favorites. The historic sample for this season includes 16 competitions in a single point on either side of that number, yielding plenty of winning lineups structures. Last Sunday’s ranking was somewhat similar, but it had a higher total score and a 3-point difference in favor of the home team. In that sample, the pass catchers leading in the Captain win. They also took the lead in this sample, with wide receivers and tight combinations to win seven of the 16 contests. Running back took another five wins available, with the remaining wins going to three innings and a defense. The sample that includes three games also has only one game, two of which are run by running backwards and one with a wide receiver.

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Of the 16 winning formations, only one failed to line up a quarterback, while seven of the winners included both passers. Only one of those seven has one of the two midfielders as Captain, continuing the trend of looking for a position that is more likely to win in the Flexible role than in the Captain position on predictive vehicles by DraftKings. The remaining squads are behind two midfielders with three wins by running back and three victories by wide receiver, the skill players that belong to the Captain position with the most appearances. Only three of the lineups in the 16-match sample included a free-kick, none of them included two. The six winning formations consisted of one defence, but again no winning formation consisted of two.

Adding one point to the total number of games on both sides, the sample expands to 32 competitions, only three of which do not include midfielders, but with only the same number of quarterback plays as Captain in the winning line-up. win the contest. Kickers landed in the winning lineup in 11 of the 32 contests in the expanded sample, with one kickers Captain seeing victory. The position looks interesting tonight, Seahawks striker Jason Myers has a constant probability of being in the optimal lineup in Awesemo’s simulation, and he’s only getting a $4,000 salary and Project Captain ownership ant is 3.4%. His 6.6% optimal squad ratio in the Captain position makes him the top leveraged player in the position tonight, an interesting situation for squad building.

Rules DraftKings + FanDuel Stack

QB with at least one RB/WR/TE from the opposing Team (this will happen naturally in most Challenge builds, but includes a rule that will eliminate single-scorer formations opponent or midfielder)

QB with at least one WR/TE from the Same Team (this will happen naturally in a majority of lineups, but lining up quarterbacks with pass catchers is the easiest way to increase NFL DFS scores. include this rule to force build, in most situations)

Limit rule

Limiting rules are a bit less important for Display blocking vehicles as there are only two teams to choose from. However, they are still useful to prevent suboptimal constructions. Including the following will help prevent these less likely builds.

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Limit QB/RB/WR/TE/DST/K from Same Team to three unless paired with a Captain

Limit RB from Same Team to One (this is a rule that can be toggled on and off on multiple crunches, but this media option would be to use it)

Limit K from Same Game to One

Limit DEF from the same game to one

Basic knowledge of construction

We will be using Fantasy Cruncher’s Teams utility to create specific builds. The Teams feature includes the ability to designate a player as the team key, or a player used in a location that will trigger group requests. For Showdown interceptors, this can be used to tie specific groups of players or locations along with each designated Captain type. The example below shows a team using Antonio Gibson as the Captain as a key player. It will then force all constructions featuring Gibson as Captain to include at least three of the players listed in the pool including two midfielders as well as a mix of skilled players actively used by both sides.

DFS NFL Optimizer Teams & Choices

Unlike multi-game blocking vehicles, when attacking individual potential game scenarios, these are better deployed individually to separate groups that can then be combined into a single team group. single image. Running them all at once is likely to create conflict situations that prevent or limit the problem altogether.

Midfielder included

The first hitch with using Groups to create specific constructions is that this tool distinguishes between a wide receiver or running back and the same player in the Captain or MVP position. This requires creating a team that adds a Captain’s version of any skill-capable player as the main player, with the rule establishing that any squad has any of these players must include one of the midfielders in the Flexible position. An alternative approach to this would be to remove all but skilled players from the possibility of being placed in the Captain position, then create a rule that would simply place the Midfielder with the Team position. growth, but that approach has more flaws. This group currently does not force midfielders when using the defense or the free kicker in the Captain.

Main players: All main skill players as Captain

Establish: At least

Coporation, group: Russell Wilson and Taylor Heinicke

This pool will result in receiving one of the midfielders whenever any of the main skill players listed are used on the Captain. To force midfielders from the same team, it is advisable to create multiple groups for skill players from each team using only midfielders from that team. When wingers appear in Flex positions, rules and limit settings are in effect to force optimal works in other Flex roles.

NFL DFS Concept – Value and Leverage and Captain

Main players): Jason Myers – Captain’s Edition

Establish: At least

Coporation, group: Taylor Heinicke, Russell Wilson, Tyler Lockett, DK Metcalf, Terry McLaurin, Alex Collins, Antonio Gibson, DeeJay Dallas

This team takes advantage of the positive leverage and low cost of fostering Myers as a Captain play style, which should be for a limited but higher number of pitches in a full set of games. item. Groups that force players from the list of top scorers across the board, while still focusing on aggressive leverage plays in the Flexible position, creating premium pools by forcing the optimizer to play to the end Combine spending options with value and leverage.

The Latest DFS NFL Content

Game Scenario – Going Beyond

Main players): Tyler Lockett, DK Metcalf, Terry McLaurin, Gerald Everett, Logan Thomas – Captain’s Edition

Establish: At least 4

Coporation, group: Taylor Heinicke, Russell Wilson, Tyler Lockett, DK Metcalf, Terry McLaurin, Gerald Everett, Logan Thomas, Jason Myers, Alex Collins, DeeJay Dallas, DeAndre Carter, Curtis Samuel

This team looks at the frequency of pass catchers winning in most historical samplings and focuses on the three main receivers, as well as the tightest finishers, all of which fall into the odds positive leverage and non-zero optimal lineup as Captain tonight. Using any of them as Captain will trigger a team that forces four players from a roster that includes both midfielders, the top leveraged player in starter Jason Myers, the picks Select get with some additions and Flex’s plays get positive leverage from the back run position.

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If you are interested NFL DFS top play today For more game blocking vehicles, go to Expected Ownership NFL DFS, Awesemo . NFL Data Center, NFL Daily Fantasy Soccer Rankings, and NFL DFS stack. Take a look at ours NFL lineup, NFL not working and NFL depth chart. View ours DraftKings NFL Ownership Leaderboard and ours FanDuel DFS NFL Standings. We also have The media engine blocks a FanDuel . game and Predict ownership of an NFL DFS game. NFL DFS Optimizer Picks: Seahawks vs. Washington DraftKings & FanDuel Tonight’s lineup

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