New York Dems Pose with Crazy Climate Change Sign

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Putin’s tanks are rolling into Ukraine, causing world commodity prices, especially oil and grain, hay. Gas at the pump is horribly expensive, inflation is raging at a multi-decade high and millions of illegal immigrants flooded the border last year.

So what are New York lawmakers focused on right now? Climate change, of course! Whatever else happens, the angry sun god must be appeased by… waving around a banner with the 9/11 meme. Check out that demonstration here

Yes, you saw that photo on the left correctly. “Climate change” is a plane about to crash into the World Trade Center. Yummy.

What’s worse, however, as Townhall reports, is that two of the idiots holding the banners are New York state senators. In the words of that store:

Even worse than someone putting up such a banner, two of the individuals in the moment captured on camera were the New York State Senators of the Democratic Party, who appear to have very short memories. or terrible judgment, or both.

New York Senate Republican Leader Bob Ortt identified Democratic Senators Rachel May and Robert Jackson as two of the individuals posing with the banner. In the case of Senator May, smiling, as she violated the protest organizers’ stated requirement that everyone “must be fully vaccinated and wear masks”.

Ortt’s tweet also states that “The use of this shameful 9/11 image has offended every New Yorker.

The organization they are opposing, New York Renews, denied approving the banner in a tweet, saying:

NY Renews did not invite or sanction this banner and we condemn its use. When the organizers became aware of the banner, the holder was asked to leave. It is completely unacceptable and has no place in NY Renews. We apologize to all New Yorkers.

Regardless, the banner and the fact that this is what the Democrats are focusing on right now just shows that they are fundamentally dangerous people; The world has urgent and real problems right now.

Russian tanks and artillery are wreaking havoc in Ukraine. The Warhawks seem intent on turning that regional tragedy into World War III, and Biden is somehow being the voice of reason in the room. Gas prices are skyrocketing. America is not respected abroad and our military is disintegrating, focused on sanity rather than combat.

Those are real, pressing issues. A global fusion exchange would prove far more environmentally damaging than SUV emissions, and it could happen in 15 minutes, not 15 decades.

Inflation is pushing Americans into poverty. The food riots may have been sparked by the grain problem caused by Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Revolution and poverty alleviation tend to be a little more harmful than “climate change”, especially in the short term.

All of which means that there are real issues to worry about right now, things that are happening that could be pretty damaging to America and the world. Climate change, whatever the long-term problems it causes, is not one of those things.

And even if it did, a 9/11 banner would still be tasteless. New York Dems Pose with Crazy Climate Change Sign

Jake Nichol

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