New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution: Nutritionist Sarah Di Lorenzo shares how to stop becoming a quitter’s day victim.

Many of us love to start a new year with a list of goals for the upcoming 12 months.

Not surprisingly, the best New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, closely followed by “exercise.”

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But did you know that most people give up on these goals by mid-January?

The second Friday in January has been dubbed “Quitter’ Day” because it marks the day when up to 80 percent of us give up our New Year’s resolutions.

Nutritionist and Channel 7 bestselling author Sarah Di Lorenzo has put together some tips on how to be in the 20 percent of people who will stick to their goals in 2023.

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Having a purpose is amazing, but while we’re all pretty clear on why we want these things, we often forget how, Sarah writes.

However, in order to achieve our goals, it is imperative to know the “how” connected to our “why”.

So when you get your weight loss goals for the new year, first ask yourself why you want to lose the weight. Should it be healthier? Do sports with your children?

Then you need to plan how to get there.

The people who are successful with their New Year’s body goals are the ones who know very well how to achieve them.

They say, “I’m losing weight because I want to feel healthier, so I’m going to hire a personal trainer for a few weeks.”

Or “I join the gym and go Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and book in for the 6:30pm class.”

Or they join a running group, team up with a friend, or buy a program like the 10:10 diet, print out each week’s plan, and do all their grocery shopping to properly prepare.

Stop being a victim

So how can we avoid becoming victims of Quitters’ Day?

We really need to think about what we want: what our health goals are, what our lifestyle goals and exercise goals are.

Write down what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve those things.

Give your goals a realistic time frame — for example, “I want to lose 10kg by Easter” — so you can stay on track.

Nutritionist Sarah Di Lorenzo. Credit: delivered

As you work on how to achieve those goals, you’ll get really specific.

Is it a specific diet, is it hiring a personal trainer? Does it sign up for dance classes or a yoga studio?

Then of course you have to do the “how”.

Check in with the gym or trainer, buy the 10:10 Kickstart book, stock up on nutrient-dense groceries, book next week’s Pilates classes.

You also need to stay proactive.

Reconsider your goals every week and don’t wait more than a week.

Write down your “achievements” such as: B. “lost centimeters”. Credit: Lev Robertson/Getty Images

Look at your resolutions every Sunday and write down your achievements.

This can be centimeter losses or a lower weight on the scale.

You may find yourself getting fitter, lifting heavier, or running or cycling longer than you did at the start of the week.

Perhaps you walk 15,000 steps a day when earlier in the week you took 10,000.

Whatever successes you’ve seen, write them down. Tracking your progress in this way is crucial.

It’s also important to be careful not to fall into the trap of rewarding behavior with food.

You know what I’m talking about – “Yay, I’ve lost a pound, I can go for a cake now!”

Sarah Di Lorenzo’s 10:10 Kickstart Book. Credit: delivered

As you make progress, always think about the initial goal you wanted to achieve.

Once you have achieved your goal, the next step is maintenance – how do you intend to maintain the achieved success?

I have maintenance programs as well as exercise programs and lifestyle programs in my books The 10:10 Kickstart, The 10:10 Diet, and The 10:10 Diet Recipe Book.

My approach is always holistic, so it’s not just about losing weight, but also about increasing water intake, exercise and reducing stress.

I’m all about being your best self.

When you approach your goals with both the “how” and the “why”—and take holistic care of your health and well-being—you’ll stay in the game much longer.

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A four year old gets trapped in a skill tester.

A four year old gets trapped in a skill tester. New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution: Nutritionist Sarah Di Lorenzo shares how to stop becoming a quitter’s day victim.

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