Nathan Beal found guilty of murdering Mary Schaffer

Nathal Beal in court.

Nathan Beal.

Juries took three hours to convict a man for murdering his ex-wife as she went to pick up their children.

Nathan Beal37 years old, scheduled to be sentenced on March 25 for murder Mary Schaffer, 32 years old, but he is also accused of shooting a homeless man to death as part of the murder of his ex-partner. Investigators were initially unable to identify the suspect who shot Andrew Michael Bull30, in the head, but that changed after the cover from both crimes was said to match each other.

Schaffer living in fear of her ex because he threatened her. In the end, the former couple had separate custody of their two children, with Beal leaving them for the summer months in Spokane, Washington, and Schaffer caring for them for the rest of the year where she lived. in Oregon.

It was on August 8, 2020, when Schaffer came to a rental car at Beal’s apartment complex. Citing ballistics analysis, one investigator said the gun was fired from just two feet away when she stepped out of the vehicle.

“For the bullet to go above her left eye, she would most likely turn around as if to get out of the car at the time she was shot,” Detective Benjamin Green said, according to KREM. “That also allows, if the head turns up and to the left as if exiting a vehicle, that bullet will go through the eye, out the back of the head, and maintain that trajectory into that vent.”

A neighbor found her a few hours later. Schaffer’s Boyfriend Justin Sharp also asked for a welfare check because he hadn’t heard from her. Mary was found jumped out of the car, and was shot in the head.

Schaffer’s 14-year-old daughter testified that her father had returned to his apartment with mochas, and he showed no sign of displeasure when her mother didn’t show up, according to the report. KREM. In this account, Beal claimed their mother was stuck in traffic. His daughter describes him as energetic and anxious.

Prosecutors said the killing was the culmination of longtime hostile behavior. For example, Mary’s brother Beal testified making threatening comments after she had brain cancer surgery. Beal insisted Mary needed to be taken out and shot, and he would, the siblings said.

“He would call me and say she had brain damage,” Joseph Schaffer speak. “Or that she’s not someone I know.”

Sharp’s sister Priest Meg spoke of Schaffer in glowing terms.

“She’s a wonderful soul,” she speak immediately after the murder. “We are so fortunate to have had the privilege of having her in our lives for the amount of time that we did.”

Sharp testified that the custody exchange in August 2019 had become difficult. Beal insisted on talking to Schaffer alone, but she refused because she felt uncomfortable, Sharp said. He testified that he stayed at Mary’s request to make sure she was safe.

“[Beal] Sharp said.

They eventually called the police because Beal didn’t answer the door.

Sharp testified that he did not join Schaffer in the tragic 2020 custody exchange because he was called in to work.

Beal’s lawyer Stephanie Cady argued that there was a lack of evidence. She attacked the state timeline and argued that the prosecution lacked DNA evidence. At most, the only thing they had was her client’s fingerprints on his own gun, she said.

“No blood was found on the clothes he was wearing,” she said, according to KREM. “There was no blood on the muzzle of the gun they checked. She thought she saw something like it could be blood, so she tested it. It’s not blood, nothing on the muzzle. “

The excuse was futile. The jury reached a guilty verdict.

Now Beal also has to contend with claims that he shot and killed Bull, who was found dead in early April 2020 in the downtown area of ​​Spokane. A witness heard gunfire. Although surveillance footage captured one suspect, investigators weren’t able to identify a name until Beal killed Schaffer. They allege that Beal had similar body and body movements as the suspect seen on the video. Authorities also said the suspect was from Browne’s Addition. This is the Spokane neighborhood where Beal lives.

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