“My faith in our Lord Jesus Christ has made my way as a referee” Former NBA Referee Ken Mauer is steadfast in his commitment to remain unvaccinated

Ken Mauer in an interview with Jason Whitlock
Ken Mauer in an interview with Jason Whitlock

Ken Mauer, the second-longest serving official/referee in the NBA, has just added an “ex” to his roster when he was fired from the NBA for refusing to get a vaccine against the Coronavirus. Mauer, who is set to become officially the longest serving in the NBA after 36 years of serving in the NBA, had a lot to say in his response to the vaccine incident that has left many in the and around the engulfing league. different thoughts and opinions about it. The vaccine debacle remains unresolved as it makes big headlines in a basketball-specific league that shouldn’t be a political playground at this point.

According to what was said by Ken Mauer in his conversation with The Blaze‘S Jason Whitlock, it seems Mauer will remain adamant with his decision not to vaccinate due to his “religious beliefs” that make him want to get vaccinated due to rules and regulations set forth by the NBA. With countless topics discussed in the conversation between the two, a certain irony seemed to spill over in Ken MauerIts statement doesn’t really align with Pope Francis’ request to have people around get vaccinated calling it a “moral obligation.”

Let’s dive into this and explore the vaccine failure that is taking over the NBA a bit more with so many people having a lot of political opinions on the matter, which seems to be contradicting each other. at odds with the basic goal they’re there in the league for, playing or leading game, to stay on top of everything else, whatever political views may be.

Ken Mauer refuses to get vaccinated despite being fired for his “faith”

Ken Mauer in the interview
Ken Mauer in the interview

Ken Mauer seems certain in his opinion about the vaccine that stopped him from getting him as it also led to him being fired from the sport he has devoted his life to, and that only for one organization, the NBA. Ken joined the NBA as an official in 1986, which means he served for 36 years before being fired due to his lack of service. “Faith and belief”.

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Mauer suggested that his reasons for not getting vaccinated were in keeping with his religious beliefs as per “Private Research” Vaccines also contain “Dead fetus” It’s something any devout like him would avoid at all costs and thus not only Mauer but also those with similar views were fired from the NBA. The fact in this matter is that the claim of the fetus “aborted” has been denied by Medical Professionals all over the world who have actually done some reliable research and not limited it. in accessing or removing content from Facebook.

Ken Mauer
“My faith in our Lord Jesus Christ has made my way as a referee” Former NBA referee Ken Mauer is steadfast in his commitment to remain unvaccinated 2

Even Pope Francis issued a statement in which he said that all Catholics should get the vaccine against the coronavirus because it is theirs “moral obligation” the same goes for lifelong Catholics like Ken Mauer, who choose to stay in the dark while also spreading lies, which tends to hinder the decision to vaccinate against the virus. – Fatal withdrawal of others.

According to Mauer, 19 of the 73 NBA officials initially didn’t want to get vaccinated for very precise reasons, but in the end, their union had to comply with the federation’s request for them to get vaccinated. In a controversial decision that only officials, not players, were required to be vaccinated, Mauer, along with three other referees, was the only referee in the NBA not to be vaccinated.


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Ken Mauer also seems to be emphasizing his support for the Canada Truckers Rally Against a similar issue over the vaccine mandate and said, “I will never question what a trucker charges me to ship something again in my life. I’m very proud of them.” Ken is also about to become the longest-serving official in the NBA, having grown accustomed to seeing Ken’s familiar face, but that matter is now highly doubtful and controversial due to his rigid stance on no injections. room. from “own research”

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