Moon Knight Episode 1 Review: Where Is Oscar Isaac’s Marvel Show Heading?

In many ways the first episode of moon knight is everything I’ve wanted in a Marvel Cinematic Universe show since it launched with Disney Plus WandaVision a little over a year ago. It introduces us to a new character in an interesting situation, possibly set in the MCU but not committed to it. Aside from some subtle hints for eagle-eyed fans, the first episode of actually is moon knight hardly indicates that it is set in the same world as eternal or Doctor Strange. Maybe The Falcon and the Winter Soldierthanks to the red thread “Europe”.

But what does moon knight present us? Well, like its protagonist, this is messy. Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) is the definition of milque toast. Grant, a reserved, surly clerk at a museum gift shop in London, speaks with a nasal accent and walks with a constant suspicion. He loves Egyptian history and talking about it, which unfortunately doesn’t come under his job. And he has what he believes to be a sleep disorder. Because of this, he chains his ankle to his bed, tapes his door (which is locked with multiple bolts and chains), and surrounds his bed with sand to prevent his unconscious body from wandering out at night, or at least let him know if he tried . Unfortunately for Steven, it’s a bit more complicated.

Like many modern shows moon knight‘s authors hold their cards close to their chests. If you’re a fan of the Marvel Comics character created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin, you might have an idea of ​​what’s going on, but the adaptation here is loose – we’re never introduced to this character in the comics as Steven Grant, and when he is, he’s a whole different person.

Oscar Isaac lies awake in bed as Steven Grant in Marvel Studios' Moon Knight.

Photo: Marvel Studios

That’s not to say it’s bad moon knight begins in parts unfamiliar to comic book fans. As one of Marvel’s lesser-known characters (one who has a lot of outdated baggage that needs updating), moon knight has plenty of flexibility to do something new here for the character’s MCU introduction, and the result is intriguing. part reminderpart night at the museumthe first episode of moon knight follows Steven Grant as he discovers he is not the only one in control of his body and is being followed by a vision of a supernatural entity only he can see.

The majority moon knightThe premiere of is a hilarious 45-minute escapade that sees Steven repeatedly pass out while he and everyone he shares his thoughts with engage in a tug-of-war over his body after Steven wakes up somewhere in Europe with a dislocated jaw. Here Steven meets the series’ villain, Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), a cult leader who claims to serve the Egyptian god Ammit, a crocodile-faced being associated with judgment, and so he (rudely) makes the judgments over people to its (deadly) whole. Thing.

Arthur wants a scarab artifact that Steven inexplicably possesses, and the person sharing his body doesn’t want him to give it away. As the two fight for control, Steven finds his consciousness fading in and out to find himself in increasingly impossible situations – dead mercenaries all around him, gun in hand, escaping in a reversing cupcake truck, things like that .

Khonshu stands at the end of a hallway and watches Steven Grant from afar in Marvel Studios' Moon Knight.

Photo: Marvel Studios

All in all, it feels like a solid first act in a pretty fun movie, but that also means it feels incomplete. There’s nothing wrong with a show holding back some explanations, especially when viewers know in advance that at six episodes they won’t be waiting long. but moon knight doesn’t give the audience much to wait for to the. How much the premiere will hook you depends largely on how compelling you find Oscar Isaac’s performance as the lead actor. Luckily, he’s excellent – he fully absorbs the physical comedy and confusion of Steven’s situation, even as he makes one of the weirdest decisions (that accent!) yet seen in a Marvel production.

Unfortunately, he’s pretty much the only reason to watch so far. Aside from a handful of friendly but distant co-workers and an army of idiots trying to kill him, Steven doesn’t seriously interact with anyone who’s not in his own mind, meaning Isaac is arguably putting his greatest talent on the bench must – be tangible and incomparable personal charisma.

In fact, most intrigues moon knight is able to quit during this first episode is in her final moments as Steven Grant finally relinquishes control and Oscar Isaac becomes someone else. But we won’t see him until next week. Let’s hope he doesn’t disappoint.

moon knightThe first episode of is streaming now DisneyPluswith new episodes premiering on Wednesdays. Moon Knight Episode 1 Review: Where Is Oscar Isaac’s Marvel Show Heading?

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