Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Gore Magala Guide – Weaknesses, Drops, and More

One of the most iconic monsters in the Monster Hunter series is the Gore Magala, which returns to the franchise in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. It introduces a few new mechanics, such as B. the frenzy state, which means it may take some real effort to be at its best. Here’s everything you need to know about how to beat Gore Magala in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and what it drops when you cut it down.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Gore Magala Guide

Gore Magala is a difficult fight, but it gets harder as the battle rages on. Just when you think he’s exhausted, he unleashes his enraged form and deals even more damage.

All the weaknesses of Gore Magala

Slashing damage will be your friend in battle against Gore Magala, along with fire damage. Focus on his antennae for maximum damage unless you’re trying to collect extra drops for your troubles. This monster will move fast and hit hard, making it a tough fight even for experienced hunters. Avoid its AoE attacks and keep moving around the battlefield to maintain your health as much as possible until it enters its enraged state.

After you deal significant damage to Gore Magala, it enters the Enraged state. During this part of the fight, it develops a menacing aura and its horns begin to glow. It becomes much more aggressive and gains a linear AoE attack. This attack can expand three times, potentially hitting unsuspecting hunters with one shot. So stay away from it at all costs. After you damage the monster enough, it will revert to its normal state until you hurt it enough to enrage it again. It will continue this cycle until either the hunter or the monster is dead.

Gore Magala also introduces a new disease called Frenzy that can afflict both monsters and hunters. Frenzy lowers the Hunter’s Defense and increases damage dealt by monsters affected by this condition. It cannot be cured by potions; To counter Frenzy, players must cave in and relentlessly attack Gore Magala’s Feelers until the effect wears off.

Part slashing bluntly ammunition Fire water thunder Ice dragon
head 65 55 45 fifteen 0 fifteen 5 fifteen
neck 45 45 25 fifteen 0 10 5 5
torso 25 25 20 10 0 5 5 5
wing 27 27 20 20 0 fifteen 5 10
front leg 42 42 25 10 0 5 5 5
hind leg 38 38 35 10 0 5 5 5
wing 26 26 fifteen fifteen 0 10 5 5
tail 38 38 25 10 0 10 5 5
antenna 75 70 50 20 0 10 5 25

All material drops from Gore Magala

Gore Magala will drop several materials when you hack at them. Your best bet for a big payday is Gore Magala Cortex, which is most easily obtained by catching the monster. Otherwise, you can target the Gore Magala Shard, which can fall as long as you don’t catch the monster. All other materials can be obtained by either conquering or killing the Gore Magala.

The monster’s body and tail have the best chance of dropping one of these materials. Focus your attacks on them to ensure you are properly rewarded for your efforts.

material target bonuses Conquer rewards Rewards for defective parts carves fallen materials
Gore mangala cortex 19% 40% 32% 26% 35%
Gore mangala slivers 33% -% 65% 38% 50%
Gore Mangala Shredder 26% -% 65% 38% 50%
Gore-Mangala Eclipse 12% 26% 75% 12% -%
Gore mangala tail 7% 9% -% 80% -%
Gore mangala sensor -% 22% 100% -% -%
Large Wyvern Tear -% -% -% -% 50% Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Gore Magala Guide – Weaknesses, Drops, and More

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