Mom who changed baby’s name at six months tells of ’embarrassing struggle’ with first choice

what’s in a name Well, everything, according to mother Jennifer Hamilton, 32.

When Jen had their second son, she and her husband Brian struggled to find a name they liked.

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After looking at a list of “outdoor” names on Pinterest, they settled on Aspen.

But they didn’t anticipate the negative reactions they received when they started introducing their baby.

“People have suggested that if it were shortened to ‘ass’ when he was older, he might be bullied,” Jen admitted.

Ellis with baby Luke, formerly Aspen. Recognition: Jennifer Hamilton/SWNS

“I started pretending I didn’t ask people his name.”

Jen, an obstetrician from North Carolina, confided in her 27-year-old sister — who suggested she just change her name.

At this point, Aspen was six months old.

But Jen, who was increasingly embarrassed to tell others about her first choice, let the dice roll.

She and 35-year-old Brian, a surgical nurse, began trying new names for their baby.

Eventually, they settled on Luke, which means “easy” and they felt was a perfect match for their son.

Jen holds Luke, formerly named Aspen, her husband Brian and their older son Ellis. Recognition: Jennifer Hamilton/SWNS

The couple had to wait a year before Luke’s name was officially changed, but Jen is glad she took the plunge.

“I felt really uncomfortable saying Aspen out loud because it just didn’t seem right for him,” Jen said.

“With our first child, Ellis, we were very fixed on a name.

“But on our second, we struggled to find the right one.

“We just picked Aspen after seeing it on a Pinterest list of outdoor names.

“I thought it would fit when he was born, but after a few months I struggled with it.”

test names

Jen describes trying new baby names as “an exciting time.”

“It’s hard to name a baby that you’ve never met, so it was easier now that we knew it,” she said.

“Now we love Luke and think it’s perfect for him.

“We’re so glad we changed it.”

Jen and Brian struggled to find the right name for their son before he was born in 2016, but settled on Aspen because it suited them best.

“We weren’t in love with the name but thought it would become his name,” she said.

“But after a few months it just didn’t feel right and people were always like, ‘Ah, that’s interesting.’

“They never said ‘That’s a nice name’ or anything like that.

“I started to get really uncomfortable telling people what his name was.”

Luke, Jen and Ellis. Recognition: Jennifer Hamilton /SWNS

After six months, Jen spoke to her sister Julia about what to do.

“She just said very nonchalantly, ‘Why don’t you change it,'” Jen said.

“It kind of gave me permission to do it.

“He was young and it’s not like he was attached to the name.

“So we entered a phase of trying new names — like trying on clothes.”

The couple had a list of generic names to try, and they began exploring the meaning of each name.

“We both really liked the name Luke and found out that it meant ‘light,'” Jen said.

“Our son was always so happy and smiled in a way that felt like it really suited him.”

Name change an option

The process of legally changing the baby’s name took a year, partly due to lost documentation.

“I think it should be illegal to choose a name when you’re pregnant,” Jen said.

“We are very happy that we changed the name as it is intended to be exactly that.

“I want people to know that if you don’t like it after the birth, changing your name is an option.

“Luke knows his name was Aspen for six months. It’s a fun part of his story.”

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