Mob Psycho 100 Actor May Not Return, Blames Crunchyroll

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October is set to be a stacked month in anime with the return of the popular Shonen series bleachingand the debut of the highly anticipated fiendish anime chainsaw man. However, it doesn’t look like the English voice actor for the ever-popular milk-drinking psychic will reprise his role in the upcoming season of Mob Psycho 100.

Today is Kyle McCarley, the English voice actor for Shigeo “Mob” KageyamaOn YouTube, she uploaded a video titled “A Message to Mob Psycho 100 Fans.” In it, he told fans that they most likely won’t hear his voice Mob Psycho 100 Season 3, which is set to release on October 5 because Crunchyroll, the web’s leading anime streaming service, has allegedly refused to partner with McCarley under a Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists collective agreement.

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“I know for some of you this probably sucks to hear and believe me that’s saying a lot. I’m really, really upset about this,” McCarley said in the video. “It was made abundantly clear to me that in the case of the third season of Mob Psycho 100Crunchyroll will not be producing this show under a SAG-AFTRA deal.”

said McCarley kotaku that Crunchyroll contacted him on September 8th to inquire about his availability to work on Season 3 of the anime. According to McCarley, Crunchyroll typically relies on a show’s simuldubs, meaning they record both the English and Japanese voiceovers of a series whenever they can.

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“I thought it was odd that they waited so long to ask me about it, considering the season was announced in…January I think? And the Funimation side of the company, before the merger, had already replaced me Scarlet Nexus Anime last year when I refused to work on this non-union project,” McCarley said.

said McCarley kotaku that he would like to reprise his role as a mob in the third season of the anime if there were a union contract. In his YouTube video, McCarley clarified that as a SAG-AFTRA union member and a member of the SAG-AFTRA Dubbing Steering Committee, it is important to him that all his work is covered by a union contract. A contract that ensures McCarley doesn’t strain his vocal cords by screaming too long, something reconciled protagonists commonly do while recording his lines.

He also mentioned that it wasn’t about money and said Crunchyroll was willing to pay him whatever amount he would receive under a union contract. And while he didn’t ask for a big raise, he did ask for a union scale he could use for health insurance and retirement plans.

Due to the important role McCarley plays as the main character of the anime, McCarley said he approached Crunchyroll with an offer to work on season three under a non-union contract, on the condition that the company agree to deal with him and others Assembling and hitting SAGs. AFTRA representatives are to negotiate a possible contract for future anime shows.

“A lot of the cast and I had a Zoom call that evening to talk about it when the idea came up of offering to non-unionize this job in exchange for meeting SAG-AFTRA representatives,” said McCarley kotaku.

After consulting Treslyn Williams, SAG-AFTRA’s head of voiceovers, to see if there was a “Crunchyroll-specific arrangement” along the lines of the contracts offered to voice actors on streaming services like Netflix, who have signed a company-wide SAG-AFTRA contract in 2019, McCarley said SAG-AFTRA is open to anything Crunchyroll is willing to agree to. After speaking with Williams, McCarley said one of his castmates reached out directly to Crunchyroll’s executive producer to give him his pitch for negotiating a potential deal.

“When neither of us heard anything by last Thursday morning (the first day into their original window of availability to begin recording), I took it upon myself to ensure the terms of the offer were clearly spelled out for anyone who would like to could agree to that decision,” McCarley said.

McCarley said he emailed Rahul Purini, Crunchyroll’s president, and CC’d the company’s chief content officer, chief people officer, chief operating officer, and production director to reiterate that he was only requesting a meeting asked with them .

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Yesterday morning, McCarley said he received a call from Crunchyroll’s production manager saying the company would not agree to those terms. After reiterating that he was not looking for a commitment to anything other than a meeting, he said he received a call from Crunchyroll that afternoon confirming his stance on the matter.

“I could speculate as to why they are taking this stance, but it would be speculation,” McCarley said. I don’t know why they are so staunchly anti-union that they won’t even agree to talk about it. I felt it was a pretty reasonable request, but you’d have to ask them why they don’t seem to agree.”

kotaku asked Crunchyroll for comment.

In terms of what’s next for McCarley, he said kotaku that he will continue to work union jobs that contribute to his retirement and health and continue efforts to organize the voice-over industry to allow more actor work to be covered under SAG-AFTRA contracts.

mob psycho 100, created by onethe mangaka behind it One punch man, follows Mob, an all-powerful psychic whose powers are triggered whenever his emotions overflow. Mob Psycho 100 streams exclusively on Crunchyroll Mob Psycho 100 Actor May Not Return, Blames Crunchyroll

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