Minecraft players are building an entire planet — On hard mode

It’s not a secret Minecraft is a game of infinite possibilities. It was this open ending that allowed the game to achieve ultimate gamer status, literally the best-selling video game in history. In Minecraft, your imagination is the only limit. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that some players have invented custom game challenges ranging from simpler, like survived for a whileto more complex, such as functional calculator or architectural projects the size of planets.

This new planet-building phenomenon or in some cases, the entire solar system inside a Minecraft savings stem from a desire to enhance performance, be it in self-imposed challenges, disrupting “normal” gameplay, or other antics.

Minecraft there are already multiple game modes and difficulty levels that players can choose from depending on their desired play style at any given time, whether it’s a more exploratory and passive game with difficulty” peace”, until waging various scales of war against evil. mobs with higher difficulty settings. Also, players who don’t care about that aspect can also choose to play Minecraft Reach the sandbox’s true potential by playing in creative mode, where they have access to unlimited and invincible resources.

Through this, Minecraft can be a relatively relaxing game of exploration that seeks discoveries in its endless open world, an educational tool used by schools, or an arduous survival game. Players who want the most extreme survival mode Minecraft must offer two main difficulty options: hard and hard.

Hard includes a bunch of changes to the game’s default difficulty, including hostile mobs that deal more damage and are more aggressive, zombies that can break through wooden doors, and spiders that spawn almost infinitely favorite persongives playing a new sense of challenge.

Hardcore mode, on the other hand, takes it to the next level. It makes the world (almost) permanently put in hard mode with extras thrown in to good effect. These include not being able to activate cheats and bonus chests when creating the world and when playing, the player only has one life. Die and it’s all over for that save.

In MinecraftThe earliest public release was in May 2009, the latter stage was called “Java Edition Classic”, its only game mode being creative. Only ten types of blocks exist, and world generation doesn’t look like it does today. Instead of an incredibly large world with oceans and land, the player is confined to a single location surrounded by an endless ocean. It wasn’t until August of that year that the game’s creator, Marcus “Notch” Persson, started early testing Survival execute mode.

Survival, which introduced the health bar, originally had a setup not too different from modern hardcore in terms of losing the game on death unless it was backed up elsewhere.

Players in the game tend to get bored, regardless of whether the game’s environment can be open or infinite. So it feels a bit natural for players to start creating scale versions of the planets in Minecraft. What surprised me the most, however, was that many of these players did so in hardcore mode, where players only had one life and lost the world if they died. As if the “one lifetime” problem wasn’t serious enough.

“If you make a mistake while building the planet, such as falling off the planet into the void almost instantly dying, you won’t be able to play on that world anymore,” noted YouTuber Sandiction. “It raises the stakes on everything you do in the game and makes it much more fun, knowing that at any moment you could lose everything.”

Luckywho has ambitious videos about hardcore Minecraft regularly attracts millions of viewers, believing that he was the first to create planets in Minecraft grumpy.

“I saw a group of 100-day survivors on a planet in Minecraft’ kind of video,” he said Kotaku. “But I couldn’t find a single video of someone actually building the planet, which really surprised me. So I thought I’d make one myself. “

Sandiction spent over 40 hours in the real world building a single planet. Doing this requires not only gathering enough materials to literally build a planet, but also finding enough food to survive, avoiding the hoards of hostile mobs out to kill him, and somehow didn’t die, not even once.

However, all of that did not affect him much. Sandiction found the tediousness and the quick realization of the sheer importance of the task a far greater concern.

“It took longer to build than I expected,” he said Kotaku.

The scale of the project became “so large that I struggled to choose what kind of biome to build it”. To solve this problem, Sandiction got creative. Instead of sticking to the existing biome in the game, he opted for his own fantasy to try and avoid boredom.

However, Sandiction is not alone in its quest to build planets. Another Youtuber user always interested in “LockDownLifeAlso participated. In one uploaded video to their channel in October, LockDownLife has also built a planet of more than 2,000 blocks on hardcore. Like Sandiction, LockDownLife must also make sure they have enough food, avoid the complication of death, and find the materials needed to build the world.

While Sandiction created his normally Minecraft dimension, LockDownLife chose to create it in End, MinecraftThe ultimate goal and boss battle.

He told viewers, “I think building it up in The Last Season would be great, because it would be easier to watch… and it would look a lot cooler.”

LockDownLife admits Kotakurequested comment but was not answered at the time of publication.

But not all creators taking on this challenge are happy to stop at one planet. aCookieGod, with nearly two million spectators, was eager to make the planets worth of the entire solar system in hardcore mode. He didn’t stop there either. In his spare time, he also creates a volcano consisting of more than 80,000 blocks. The feat left him physically injured, tweet a photo of himself with a bandaged hand, saying it was “the aftermath of building an 80,000-cubic-foot volcano in two days” and that “the carpal tunnel came into my life.”

Others have tried to take a different route: surviving on player-created worlds. PaulGGagain Minecraft YouTuber, uploaded a video this past summer trying to do just that in 100 days. “Surviving on this planet will not be an easy task,” he tells viewers, noting that he is limited by the available resources on the planet.

Paul played in a save with nothing but a few small planets some distance apart. Like Sandiction, he notes that the video is a “crazy amount of work.”

As a testament to how tough this challenge can be, Paul had only one heart left on his health bar on the first day of the challenge after he was attacked by zombies and creeper. He noted that this poor health had resulted in him being shot or nearly killed – and the end of his efforts. Like for the participants Challenge a piece, food is an important issue for Paul in his game. By day four, however, Paul had gathered enough supplies to fully recover his health. By days 28 to 31, he can close the gap with a nearby planet, one made of lava slime, lava, and diamonds. There he can find a nether portal in a cave. A few days later, Paul reached a planet almost entirely made of sand. Almost halfway through, he made it into the closet. However, when he returned on day 47, the game malfunctioned and spawned his portal in the void beneath all the planets. This requires going back to the nether and mining enough blocks to build a bridge back to the planets.

Arriving in days 59 to 68, he finds the End Gate and defeats the ender dragon between days 90 and 99. Unfortunately, as Paul tells the viewer, something happened to the ender dragon. the record and he lost the footage right after the ender dragon’s demise. All of this was accomplished without a single death. Complete mission. Well done, PaulGG.

Youtuber Skeppy participated in a similar adventure. He took 100 players on real trips around the solar system in a universe not too mechanically different from PaulGG’s. While Skeppy builds bridges for them in creative mode, where Skeppy can fly and has unlimited resources, his travelers don’t have that option and often have to go through parkour challenges with risk of sudden death.

Videos and challenges like these are pretty fun. They offer those who crave a tough challenge, one where customization is virtually limitless, the ability to spice up their style of play. Like the One Piece Challenge, this is another welcome respite from the more controversial things that exist in the game and a testament to the ingenuity of the game. Minecraftof the player.

Sandiction has since moved on to creating other videos in the heavy genre, recently working on Transformation ends and bring The End to the underworldThe first realm players are introduced when they spawn and are the main one with whom the game is traditionally played. He say Kotaku that he doubted that he would build another planet.

“It’s just such a big project that it’s hard to find motivation to do it again, but it’s a really fun project.”

He said he’s seen other people mention him on Twitter “with progress updates for their own planet they’re building inspired by me, which is really cool! “

Kyle Wilson is a freelance game journalist. You can find his Twitter here.

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