Matthew Muller gets 31 years for kidnapping and rape victim

Matthew Muller

Matthew Muller (left in 2015, right in 2019 via image by the Solano County Sheriff’s Office) has agreed to a plea agreement in his state case.

Harvard-trained marines served 40 years in prison for kidnapping a California The woman was sentenced to 31 years behind bars on Friday.

Matthew Muller45 years old, does not object to two counts of rape, robbery, theft and false imprisonment in Solano County Superior Court on Friday, as part of a settlement with prosecutors.

The Solano County District Attorney’s Office told Law & Crime that Muller’s 31-year sentence will coincide with the 40-year sentence he received in 2017 on federal charges.

Newer state charges stem from 2015 kidnapping Denise Huskins, who authorities believe was abducted from her boyfriend’s home. She was then arrested by a group of men and sexually assaulted while her boyfriend Aaron Quinn forced to pay to ensure her safe return.

That kidnapping happened even though the man who kidnapped Huskins had mistakenly identified her as Quinn’s ex-fiancée. According to court records, the woman was the kidnapper’s intended target.

Soon after Huskins was released by her captor, Vallejo Police Department publicly and incorrectly announced that the kidnapping was a hoax. Huskins and Quinn eventually won a $2.5 million settlement from Vallejo Police.

Muller meanwhile was arrested and charged with both federal and state charges.

The defendant, a former Harvard lawyer and professor – who is bipolar and is believed to be dealing with paranoia and psychosis, according to court records – has represented himself in the current case. mine.

That prompted an intense preliminary hearing back in February 2019, when Huskins was forced to come face to face with her alleged rapist. Muller chose not to cross-examine her or Quinn during the proceedings, and a judge found enough evidence for Muller to appear in court.

The details of the abduction were first revealed in a criminal complaint filed by federal prosecutors, with Huskins and Quinn refusing to speak publicly about the incident until after Muller was found guilty of the crime. state in 2017.

The complaint says Muller allegedly broke into Quinn’s home and wore headphones and black cloth-covered ski goggles over the pair.

Quinn was also given a headset with a pre-recorded message telling him that this was “a group of professionals there to collect financial debts, which they will do.” [his ex-fiancee]that there will be cameras placed in his home to monitor him, and that he will be confined to the living room, kitchen and bathroom, where he will await further details. ”

The recording then states that Quinn needs to give money to the kidnappers in order for the Huskins to return safely. He was also required to provide computer passwords and banking information to the kidnapper, according to the lawsuit.

Quinn quickly lost consciousness from a drug he was prescribed to take. It was described as “a quarter of a bottle of Diazepam and NyQuil.”

When he woke up, he called a troublemaker in law enforcement, who urged him to contact authorities. According to the lawsuit, Quinn was barbecued by police and the FBI during lengthy investigative sessions and charged until Huskins was returned to her hometown of Huntington Beach two days later.

Muller's Court

Muller was set to enter a no-complaint run on Friday (court filing above).

Meanwhile, Huskins told authorities she was detained by multiple men, according to the lawsuit. Muller has admitted to having accomplices but never made public the names of any of those individuals.

After being drugged and put in the trunk of a car, Huskins was taken to a house, where she spent two days in a room with tall windows.

A lanyard and bicycle lock were used to tie her to the bed, where she was raped on two occasions according to the lawsuit.

She was taken back to her hometown of Huntington Beach on the morning of March 25. That evening, the Vallejo Police Department declared the kidnapping a hoax.

In the end, it was her captor who stood up to protect her. A man believed to be Muller sent two lengthy manifestos to a San Francisco Chronicles reporter – the letters were included in the criminal complaint.

Then, after months of public ridicule, a detective in another case similar to what happened to Huskins and Quinn found a cell phone left behind at the scene. That cell phone belongs to Muller.

The FBI then gained access to Muller’s car and issued an arrest warrant after finding a pair of swimming goggles in his car that had long blond hair attached to it – more specifically, Huskins’ long blonde hair.

Charges were introduced shortly thereafter and the end of the state trial marked the end of a long ordeal for the victims.

As for Vallejo Police, they finally issued an apology to the couple in 2021.

“What happened to Mrs. Huskins and Mr. Quinn was horrible and cruel,” the sheriff said Shawn Williams. “As the new Sheriff, I am committed to ensuring survivors are served compassionately with dignity and respect. While I was not at the top in 2015 when this incident occurred, I would like to apologize to Mrs Huskins and Mr. Quinn for the way they have been treated during this ordeal.”

Read the federal criminal complaint below.

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