Match Ina Garten’s Formula to Your Zodiac Sign

If a topic has twelve or more choices, chances are someone will turn it into a zodiac chart. And that is what Mashed has been doing recently with some Ina Garten’s recipes. While there is not a bad Barefoot Contessa formulas, the formula they match for your zodiac sign may not be your cup of tea.

Let’s start with Cancer (my sign). Since Cancer covers a range of birthdays in the summer, it makes sense that the formula would be Peach and Berry Summer Pudding. It includes brioche, blueberries, peaches, raspberries and strawberries. Yum!

Next is Leo! Fortunately, Leos match Beatty’s Chocolate Cake and omg, that’s the ultimate chocolate cake. It is named after one of Ina’s friend’s grandmothers and consists of cocoa powder, freshly brewed coffee, and buttermilk.

It’s time for Virgos! Virgos get a much more savory treat at Ina’s Zucchini and Goat Cheese Tart. This one looks absolutely delicious and alongside the obvious ingredients, including thyme, lemon zest, and white wine vinegar.

Match Ina Garten’s Formula to Your Zodiac Sign

Next is the balanced Libra. Libras get Grilled Rigatoni with Lamb Ragu. What could be more delicious?! The recipe includes fresh mozzarella, red wine, tomato puree, and grated Parmesan cheese. And if you’re not a Libra, forget about balancing and add as much cheese as you like!

Scorpio Hour!! The Mashed formula that suits Scorpio is Ina .’s Braised short ribs with red wine. If you’re looking for something that sticks to your ribs (pun intended) and warms you inside, this is the perfect recipe. It includes leeks, onions, celery, carrots, braised beef and a dry red wine of your choice.

The fiery Saggitarius matches the fiery look Saffron Rissotto with Butternut Squash. You may have to take out a small loan for this, though. Saffron is not cheap! The recipe includes Arborio rice, pancetta, Parmesan cheese, and shallots.

Capricorn will come next and you will get Ina’s Lasagna Mushroom Portabello! Talk about the perfect vegetarian dish. In addition to mushrooms, the recipe features Parmesan cheese, nutmeg, dry lasagna noodles, and black pepper.

Aquarius people, I couldn’t be more jealous of you. Why? Because you have matched with a charcuterie table! This dish can include anything you like but Ina Garten’s includes thinly sliced ​​meat and cheese, nuts, fruit and some chutney.

Surely you can guess what Pisces consists of, right? Yes, there are fish involved. Ina’s recipe for Grilled Cod with Garlic and Herb Ritz is perfect for any seafood lover (Pisces or not). This recipe features Ritz crackers (yum!), lemon zest, avocado, and garlic.

If you’re an Aries, you’ll need some mouthwash or a splash of mint after enjoying the recipe you’re suitable for. Aries can be bold, but Chicken with 40 garlic cloves could be more daring. In addition to garlic, this dish also has Cognac, dry white wine, fresh thyme and cream.

Taurus is another sign I’m definitely jealous of because you all fit The Barefoot Contessa Grilled Shrimp Scampi. Are you drooling? Because I’m definitely drooling! The dish includes shallots, lots of butter (12 tablespoons!), rosemary leaves, red peppers, and shrimp.

While none of Ina Garten’s formulas are what I would call healthy, Gemini’s formula, Banana Crunch Muffins, certainly on the sane side. The recipe includes mashed and diced banana, walnuts, coconut, and granola.

Which formula works best for you? Does it match your zodiac sign? Let us know in the comments below! Match Ina Garten’s Formula to Your Zodiac Sign

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