Marvel Snap’s latest update nerfs some popular cards

An image shows three Marvel Snap cards being nerfed.

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I have bad news for people using Onslaught or Destroyer decks in Card Battler Marvel snap: These cards and a few other powerful favorites just got slightly toned down by developer Second Dinner. But there is also good news: the nerfs are not to Poorly, So you may be able to continue using these fine cards in the future.

Marvel snap is the recently released free mobile card game featuring powerful superheroes and villains. What made this game one of my favorites of 2022 is its focus on random chaos, fast-paced matches, and small decks that only contain 12 cards. It’s a fantastic game overall and simply one of the best digital card games out there. and snap also tries to change the way card games work, for example removing the mulligan entirely. But some things never change, like how digital decks always need to be rebalanced and cards tweaked after launch. With the latest patchfor example, snap has added many new goodies besides five map nerfing.

Now let’s just rip the bandage off and get to the cards that have been nerfed. We’re gonna get through this together folks. Here are the maps in the nerfed November 29 patch:

  • angela – Changed from 2/1 to 2/0
  • destroyer – Changed from 6/16 to 6/15
  • secret – Changed from 2/5 to 2/4
  • serums – Changed from 5/5 to 5/4
  • rush – Ability now stacks additively with effects instead of exponentially

So what are these changes all about? Second Dinner seems mostly focused on making these cards a bit fairer and potentially reducing the number of decks they run. For example, in a blog post about the nerfs, they mention that Angela is a very popular card, which makes sense. Playing a card increases Angela’s power by two points, a very useful and versatile card. So if you start her with 0 power, she will immediately become slightly less powerful.

Similarly, Destroyer and Mysterio retain their useful abilities but are now slightly less powerful to balance things out. Sera has also become a popular card thanks to its ability to make cards cost one less to play. And as a 5/5, it was a pretty solid card even without that neat trick. Now at 5/4 she’s still useful, but not as good as before.

The only card that has had its ability changed at all this time is Onslaught. Previously, he doubled other running effects into a single location. This could quickly get out of control and lead to very, very long turns as cards kept popping up and popping up and popping up. Now you can’t go too crazy with him as his effect only works additively instead of potentially doubling and doubling over and over again in certain setups.

Overall, I appreciate that Second Dinner (mostly) didn’t touch any abilities: these cards can still do all their fun tricks, but their base stats are a bit worse, making the decision to add them to a deck a bit harder. They’ll still work, but you’ll just have to invest a little more to make them usable in your favorite deck. I hope for the future of Second Dinner Marvel snap Nerfs are similarly small and focused. Now let’s talk about polishing some maps, like Cyclops for example! Marvel Snap’s latest update nerfs some popular cards

Curtis Crabtree

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