Manchester United: ‘Put bombs across football’

Even now, six months later, theories persist about Ed Woodward’s exact role in covert efforts to kick off a European Super League and a dizzying 48 hours that culminated in his shock. he resigned Manchester United.

The secrecy surrounding the plot, combined with its toxicity when it comes to publicity, has left a trail of conspiracies about who knows what when and exactly why Woodward decided to step down as vice president of operations. at Old Trafford after eight years.

In a re-examination of the entire football-shaking episode, with United at the center, The Athletic spoke to multiple associates and can report different versions of the event, with new details. appears about the time and context of Woodward’s decision in the midst of the waning Super League.

Here’s an investigation that also sheds some light:

Origins and motives of United’s move towards a breakaway rivalry

Woodward’s Zoom Call to Players and Anger from Luke Shaw and Bruno Fernandes

How Richard Arnold is being prepared to take over as chief executive at Old Trafford and what that means for the club’s footballing business

Will Woodward continue to play or retire from his Portuguese vineyard?

Relevance of Boris Johnson sketch bought by Woodward for charity

The nuclear prospect of a Super League was up for discussion at United’s London offices in Green Park long before Sunday, April 18, when Europe’s elites revealed their plans. with the world.

. | Manchester United: ‘Put bombs across football’

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