Maher makes a yuge point about what will happen to the Democrats in November

Will the Democrats be able to pull one out of the bag and win big in the November midterm election, or at least ward off a full and outright caning from the GOP?

Why? Because they’ve gotten “silly” and moved away from anything close to common sense. Speaking of common sense, Maher said Rogan:

We are both considered to be people of common sense. And that’s what I think what’s hungered for in America, above all, is common sense. Away from the extremes.

He then elaborates and explains how he sees the left moving further and further to the left on many important issues called:

People say to me, “Don’t you think you’ve become more conservative?” No, I haven’t. The left has become sillier. So maybe I seem more conservative. But like, it’s not me that’s changed.

“I guess I’m the same guy but five years ago we hadn’t spent $6 trillion staying at home. I mean, I understand that we had to do something with the pandemic. I’m not sure…we didn’t spend a trillion in 2008 to save the economy.

During the podcast appearance, he gave two good examples of how the left has “gone dumber” in recent years.

The first was her bizarre call to defund the police, something that worried many people but which the more radical members of the left clung to even as the idea’s unpopularity became public knowledge. Speaking of, Maher called:

Five years ago nobody was talking about abolishing the police. There was no mention of pregnant men. I mean, looting was still illegal. So how have I changed? No, because if someone had said 20 years ago, “I’m not sure if looting is a bad thing,” I would have protested back then. So I haven’t changed.

Then, in another instance later in the interview, Maher criticized Disney’s wake-up agenda for going too far, saying:

I mean Disney, one of the most gay friendly companies in a long time. Look, I’m glad they’re progressive, but of course, like everything on the left these days, they’re just going too far.

Maher may have been off on many counts during the interview, most notably in his portrayal of the GOP as beyond salvation, but he was certainly right when he said that the radical nature of the current left has made it unbearable for many Americans, Americans , who would have far rather had sensible people at the helm than idiots who have gone completely insane in their focus on awakening and foisting far-left political goals on the American people. They want sanity and common sense, not far-left madness. Maher makes a yuge point about what will happen to the Democrats in November

Jake Nichol

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