“MAGA carnage”: The latest absurdity that the left wing is attacking DeSantis

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What is DeSantis doing when he guard parental rights and help ensure that children, when they go to school, learn skills that are more valuable than leftist propaganda?

According to Representative Charlie Crist, one of the unnamed Democrats trying to challenge DeSantis in the 2022 gubernatorial election, DeSantis did not bravely defend the right of parents to ensure their children they are not indoctrinated and become leftist practitioners. No, according to Crist, DeSantis is “MAGA trolling.”

Crist said as much in a shameless attempt to monetize donors on Twitter, attacking DeSantis in a tweet and then following the ridiculous message with a money request. He say:

We need to make an example of Ron DeSantis. If you set MAGA to mock the interests of your constituents, you will lose.

Help me keep Ron out of the second semester. Can we get 300 new online sponsors today?

While Crist doesn’t say exactly what he means by “MAGA Trolling,” a term that can be used to refer to any number of different things, it’s likely he is referring to anger against to the extreme left, especially the teacher left, that DeSantis stirred with his battle for parental rights.

Breitbart, describe what Crist’s tweet might mean, Note that:

While Crist doesn’t go into what, specifically, he considers “MAGA trolling,” DeSantis has spent the better part of the past two years fighting intrusive coronavirus missions – including forcing a face mask. Masks for children and mandatory vaccinations for staff – as well as championing parental rights.

Marking the end of the legislative session, DeSantis considers it “the year of the parents” in the Sunshine State – what Crist seems to consider “MAGA trolling”.

Some might call it “MAGA trolling,” as it inevitably arouses and stimulates the MAGA base, the base that decides against preschoolers who are taught all the sexual fantasies of young adults. deviant.

Florida Politics, while not referring to Crist’s tweet, offers what could be a left-wing view of DeSantis’ “MAGA trolling,” speech:

DeSantis, who delights critics as annoyed as he can be, has recently taken trolling to a new level of madness. He appointed Byrd to the state Board of Education, and we shudder to imagine Florida’s curriculum if she has had any real influence.

After all, this woman said that the January 6 uprisings “protested peacefully.” She spoke QAnon’s dirty words and defended the Proud Boys. She is an ardent supporter of his name from Mar-a-Lago, so will students take the required course “How Pinkos Stole the 2020 Election”?

The same article, describing DeSantis’ most recent pro-parent policy, speak:

Critics of (and many more) the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill backed by the Government. Ron DeSantis says it attacks LGBTQ+ individuals. He’s demonized transgender kids, and the Legislature is only doing his bidding with bans against critical racial theory (which schools don’t teach) and culture.” awake”.

However, a more accurate description of what DeSantis is doing is not “trolling”. It is “advocating for those radical, scary leftists who want to talk about sex with children.”

Although trolling the left and inciting support in the MAGA establishment by driving the leftists crazy are the result of his policies, his main goal is clearly to stand stood up to defend the interests of his voters, in stark contrast to what Crist claimed during his fundraising twitter.

That’s at least how DeSantis sees it. Like Breitbart reportIn a recent speech, he said:

The opportunity for me to decline my commitment to students and refuse to commit to parental rights simply because of deceptive media reports or pressure from sober corporations – my opportunity that is zero.

DeSantis stands for parents and children, not trolls, or at least not just trolling. “MAGA carnage”: The latest absurdity that the left wing is attacking DeSantis

Jake Nichol

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