Lucas Denney pleads guilty to Capitol Cop Assault on January 6

Lucas Denney in a light jacket and mask, at the Washington Monument, and appears to kick a barricade outside the Capitol on January 6

Lucas Denney (via FBI court filings)

A Texas man who beat an officer with a pole while fighting police outside the Capitol on January 6 has pleaded guilty to felony assault.

Lucas Denney44 years old, facing a Metropolitan Police Department identified by federal prosecutors as “Officer KK” on the west side of the Capitol building was a crowd of Donald Trump Advocates seek to prevent Congress from certifying Joe BidenThe build-up to victory in the 2020 election has become increasingly violent.

On Thursday, he pleaded guilty to one count of assaulting, resisting or obstructing officers while using a dangerous weapon, a felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison and a 200,000 fine. dollars.

The interim hearing was derailed when it appeared that Denney might not fully understand the consequences of pleading guilty under an indictment, and not complying with a plea agreement.

“We don’t know if the government will bring additional charges against you,” said US District Judge Randolph Moss told Denney after Assistant United States Attorney Jennifer Rossoni said the government has yet to decide whether it will do so.

“I didn’t know that,” Denney replied before asking to speak to his lawyers privately.

He returned after a moment, and Moss continued his question.

“I want to make sure Mr. Denney understands that he may still be facing substantial charges related to the events on or around January 6 and that could be serious felony charges. or misdemeanor, or both,” Moss, one Barack Obama appointee, after being interrupted by a defense attorney William Shipleywho told Moss that he discussed Denney’s rights with him.

Shipley also threw a possible wrench into the gears by disagreeing with all the facts laid out by the government in the statement of offense. Shipley said that by pleading guilty, Denney was only acknowledging that the government was able to prove elements of the assault allegation.

According to the government statement of crime:

At about 2:23 p.m., Officer KK of the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) took up a position on an elevated structure between the already formed crowd and west of the Capitol building. KK officers were present at the Capitol building to assist the US Capitol Police in carrying out their official duties. At the time, Officer KK was wearing the full MPD-issued uniform, which included a marked helmet, police badge, body-worn camera, and nameplate bearing the last name, first name, and the word “POLICE.” Additionally, Officer KK’s coat arm has a badge that says “POLICE.” The mob below threw debris at police officers, including Officer KK, who was armed with crowd control spray and occasionally used it to repel rioters. Defendant attempted to push through the crowd and attempted to get the crowd control box away from the KK Officer The KK officer then deployed the crowd control spray and Defendant retreated into the crowd.

Less than a minute later, Defendant picked up a long pole from the ground and swung it at Officer KK and other officers near Officer KK Defendant intentionally swung the long pole, which is a dangerous weapon capable of causing injury. heavy duty for KK Officers. and other officers. Officer KK and several other officers tried to pull the pole away from the accused and other rioters, but were unsuccessful. Less than a minute later, at about 2:24 p.m., Defendant and another rioter grabbed a large tube and together launched it toward the line of law enforcement officers guarding the west side of the courthouse. Capitol house.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Denney was also part of the outraged crowd that collectively pushed back officers at the entrance to the Capitol while shouting “have cough.”

Prosecutors say Denney tried to recruit other Trump supporters to join him in Washington on January 6, promising that the then Vice President Mike Pence will follow Trump wrong instructions to overturn Electoral College votes from pro-Biden states, which Pence noted that he have no legal right to do.

Denney is said to have written in a Facebook message:

So Trump called this himself. For everyone to come. That’s the day the electorate is supposed to get congressional approval to officially elect Biden. However, Pence is responsible for this, and he will remove all votes from states that have been shown to be fraudulent. There’s a lot more going on behind the scenes, though. That’s why he calls it a rally of support. . . . Trump will stay as President. . . . That’s why I’m so busy. I am the President of the North Texas Patriots Team and have over 200 boys. We are 3% ers. Since I’m retired from the military, this is my primary job. Would love to have you go. If you want just let me know.

Denney also seems to be somewhat aware that he shouldn’t be carrying weapons in the Capitol.

“REMINDER: To everyone coming to DC, remember there are no guns,” Denney wrote on Facebook. “They have strict weapons laws. Look them up before you go. Pepper spray is legal. “

The District of Columbia does not allow possession of pepper spray to self-defense purposes.

In a February 2021 interview, Denney told investigators he belonged to a group called the “Patriotic Boys of North Texas,” or PBONT. According to Denney, the PBONT identifies with the so-called “Three Percent” movement, a militia group based on its name. false belief that the number of Americans who fought with the British in the Revolutionary War was only three percent of the population at the time.

Another member of the Texas Three Percenters, Guy Reffitt, is recently convicted on five counts for entering the Capitol while armed.

The arrest warrant affidavit says there may be grounds to charge Denney with obstructing an official proceeding, which carries a penalty of up to 20 years in prison, and obstruction, obstruction or interference with law enforcement in a case. causing civil disorder, can be sentenced to 5 years in prison. .

However, those allegations were not formally filed within the time parameters set forth by the Rapid Trial Act, as the government admitted in its court application.

It is clear that the violation of the constitution has prompted Denney attorney William Shipley to seek to speed up the plea process, rather than dismiss the case, and potentially allow prosecutors to bring a stronger indictment. .

Moss set Denney’s sentencing date for June 9.

You can read the complaint against Denney and his companion January 6 Donald Hazardbelow.

[Images via FBI court filings.]

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