Love Is Blind JP’s treatment of Taylor because of her makeup is not okay

The big picture

  • Love is blind The aim is to test whether love can exist without physical manifestations.
  • JP and Taylor connected in the groups over shared interests and values.
  • JP’s negative reaction to Taylor wearing makeup raises concerns about double standards and the different treatment of women.

Spoiler alert for Love Is Blind Season 5, Episode 6, “Going Home.”

The goal of Love is blind is to see whether people can truly fall in love without appearances playing a role in the equation. Singles meet in the pods, chat through a wall, get engaged, and then spend the rest of the month getting to know each other leading up to their wedding. They decide to say at the altar in the finale of the film that I do it or that I don’t do it Netflix show. JP And Taylor are the couple in season 5 who had problems after seeing each other.

JP and Taylor Connect in Love is blind Pods about shared interests

JP wears a blue suit and sits next to Taylor in a white dress on Love Is Blind.
Image via Netflix

Taylor is a 25-year-old teacher who wants to get married so she can one day start a family. She has said in the past that she didn’t love herself and “let herself go.” The teacher is at a point where she loves herself and is ready to love someone else. JP is a 30-year-old firefighter. In the pods they talked about their love for their job. Taylor is a teacher at the kindergarten school JP once attended.

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Taylor told him she wanted someone who would be hardworking and take the time to enjoy marriage before having children. JP said he could cook for them, which was a plus. They noticed that they had the same values ​​and were attracted to each other, which is a good start for a relationship. The firefighter also spoke about the negative aspects of his family life in the pods. He tearfully proposed to Taylor and she happily accepted. It looked like they might be a good match until they met in person.

They kissed and hugged for the first time. JP got down on one knee and proposed again with a ring. They sat down for their first personal conversation. Taylor asked if he thought she would look like that. JP said he didn’t imagine anything. Taylor mentioned that she was wearing false eyelashes. “It shows,” he told her. Taylor mentioned that she was worried that he wouldn’t like the way she looked, and he said that was the case. They had nothing more to say and Taylor repeatedly said it was embarrassing.

JP reveals he treated Taylor differently because of makeup

Taylor Rue uses a tissue for her tears in Love Is Blind Season 5
Image via Netflix

After their engagement, the couple traveled to Mexico. Taylor kept talking about how awkward their first meeting was and how they needed more conversations with JP. The firefighter still seemed very calm and didn’t give Taylor an answer as to why he seemed less talkative than in the pods. JP finally gave a reason for his behavior on “Going Home” after he accused her of “harping” during their first meeting, even though it was awkward days later.

“I understand that you tried to present yourself and look your best, but I think it would have been better if you had presented yourself like that, without makeup,” he told her. “So the way I looked made you communicate differently?” she asked. “It felt like you were fake,” he said. The firefighter later said her “crusty” face and false eyelashes bothered him. JP said there was a lot of makeup and it was all over his jacket.

This refrain about loving the “natural look” and calling women “fake” by men is not new. There is no problem with people finding what they find attractive. The problem, however, is that women are no longer treated as people worthy of engaging in basic social customs such as conversations because they do not conform to what men want. This was still the woman he spoke to in the pods, with the same career, the same values, and the same affection for him. Why would JP upset her about the false eyelashes she once wore?

It is also misogynistic to call women “wrong”. We know that women’s appearance is subject to completely different standards. And not only did Taylor meet JP for the first time, she was also filmed for international television. Why shouldn’t she feel the pressure of looking like celebrities who are on the same world stage? Or why wouldn’t she want to wear what makes her feel beautiful under this pressure? You don’t have to go far to see the double standards among men and women. Taylor said she wouldn’t have approached JP in real life because of his gap teeth. However, she said, “It would be so stupid not to be with someone because of their teeth.” She treated him like a person worth talking to, even if he didn’t meet her usual beauty standards.

Finally, the fake accusation coming from JP is rich. He was the one who told Taylor that he liked the way she looked, even though he obviously didn’t feel the same way. He was the one who repeatedly denied that there was a fight between them, even though he knew he behaved differently. “Fake” is a lazy label given to women for wearing what they want to wear and says nothing about their character. You have to actually get to know someone to find out if they’re real or not.

Taylor ends the engagement

Taylor poses in a one-shoulder green dress for the fifth season of Love Is Blind.
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Taylor’s self-love really showed in how she handled this situation. She pointed out the flaws in JP’s logic. The teacher wore makeup once and continued to treat her differently. “Just don’t wear makeup,” JP said during the argument. “I’ll do what I want to do,” she replied. JP claimed he didn’t care what she did, even though it was obvious he cared enough to treat her differently. Taylor decided to sleep in another room and they talked the next day.

She realized they weren’t where they were supposed to be and when she saw the other happy couples put things into perspective for her. “You’re not the person I fell in love with,” she told him. “It was real in the capsules and I just feel so uncomfortable here. It feels so forced.” Taylor said his makeup comment was an excuse.

“I’m sorry for making you feel that way,” JP said. This apology requires some responsibility for his actions. This situation wasn’t about whether Taylor should wear makeup. The point is that JP shouldn’t make his partner uncomfortable, whether she’s wearing makeup or not.

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