Lost Ark: Guide for all classes

Lost Ark is an online multiplayer and role-playing game. You play this game by choosing a character from a class. There are a total of 5 classes in Lost Ark and each of the classes has its own subclasses from which you choose the character you want to play as.

The first thing you’ll see when you start Lost Ark is choosing a class from the five different classes, each with their own individual subclasses. We know it’s a bit of a difficult edition to have you agonizing over that decision, but we’re here to tell you about each class and their subclasses for you to choose which one you liked the most.

Classes in Lost Ark

There are a total of 5 classes in Lost Ark that you will want to choose your playstyle and character from.

  • warrior
  • martial artist
  • gunner
  • magician
  • assassin

warrior class

If you prefer big brutes with big guns and just like crushing enemies with those guns, then the warrior is your type. Warrior has three subclasses for you to choose your playstyle and character from.

Lost Ark: Guide for all classes


Berserker is a character who specializes in AoE attacks and whose identity ability includes some classic berserker fury. If you want to smash things, then Berserker is a lot of fun, although its defense might be the lowest.


Gunlancer is a strong boy who can create a shield that can defend your team. If you’re playing with a team of other players, Gunlancer is good for tanking.


Paladin is more of a support class that can buff and heal the team, although he probably does the least damage of the three warriors. Paladin will be a good support class when playing with other Lost Ark players.

class martial artist

The Martial Artist course is all about getting close to opponents and punching them straight in the face. If you prefer melee combat with enemies, then the martial artist is your type. This class has four subclasses that you can choose your character and playstyle from.

class martial artist


Wardancer is a fantastic choice for new players due to her high mobility and low mobility cooldowns, although she is somewhat lacking in long-range attacks or AoE attacks.


The Scrapper is slightly slower and has longer attack animations, but it also hits harder and a little harder.


The Soul Fist has more ranged attacks and can act as an alternate support alongside a Paladin or Bard, and they’re a good choice if you’re looking to get into a PvP portion of this game.


The Striker class is only available if you’re playing as a male martial artist, and it’s a good all-around class with its decent mobility and low cooldowns, although it can be a bit difficult to get.

All martial artist subclasses are pretty useful and it really depends on whether you focus on PvE or PvP. Personally, I would recommend going with Wardancer because of her ability to transform into a tornado.

Gunner class

The Gunner class is the opposite of the Martial Artist class, where you stay away from your enemies while using their advanced technology. This class has four subclasses.

Lost Ark: Guide for all classes


The Gunslinger is very similar to that class’s Deadeye, but the main difference is that the Gunslinger is a subclass tied to female gunners. Both may use a pistol, shotgun, and rifle. They have high mobility and can cause great damage.


Sharpshooter is essentially the archer class that has some stealth abilities. It’s a pretty versatile class, although you’d better land your shots.


If you just want to blow stuff up then this is your class, he’s got a big gun that has lots of powerful AoE attacks, although he’s a bit slower than all Marksman subclasses.

dead eye

Deadeye is similar to the gunslinger, he has a pistol, shotgun and rifle with high mobility to deal great damage to enemies.

mage class

Mage is all about magic and you can choose from two subclasses. If you like magic, you can take this course.

Lost Ark: Guide for all classes


The Bard is one of the best support class options alongside the Paladin. She has a magical harp that can buff and heal teammates, and she has some decent spells that can do a bit of damage.


The Sorceress is a popular mage with tons of high-damage spells, though unsurprisingly she’s very squishy. If you like crushing enemies with magic, then Sorceress is definitely your type.

Assassin class

Assassin is all about backstabbing and front-stitching with some dark powers, and if you like assassins you can opt for one of the subclasses of the assassin class. It has two subclasses.

Assassin class


Shadowhunter has dual blades capable of melee and long-range attacks. It’s a well balanced class with solid damage and mobility.


Deathblade is way cooler than Shadowhunters, which deal heavy damage and have high mobility but also have long cooldowns on their skills.

Assassins are good for PvE, but with their high damage output, this is probably the best class if you’re thinking of engaging in this game’s PvP.

These are all classes of Lost Ark and we hope you found it informative on which class to choose in game for PvE or PvP. Lost Ark: Guide for all classes

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