LOL: Leftist Failing Tim Kaine moans Bemoans Parent Reserve in Virginia

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The new governor of the Old Dominion, Glenn Youngkin, is on a winning streak. Over the past few days, he’s passed a ban on face masks into law and secured at least a temporary victory over leftists in Loudoun County when a judge issued an emergency order against his efforts. Leftists aim to carry out masked duty.

While ordinary Virginians, who really had to bear the brunt of leftist duties, were quite pleased with Youngkin’s victories, especially since his policies were the reason. why they elected him as governor, not everyone is happy because Youngkin is winning against the medics. state police.

One of the left-wing losers was Tim Kaine, who was mocked for running as Hillary’s Vice President and then back as an unnamed senator from the Old Dominion.

Well, now that a remnant of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s past leadership legacy is back in the news for doing great things, Tim Kaine is trying to slander his political rival.

Appearing on MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” Senator Kaine spoke to money-loving left-winger Chuck Todd and lamented Youngkin’s successes, especially those related to school. .

First, Todd brought up the recent massacre in a poll that leftist school board members have seen in San Francisco, where outraged parents forced them to leave nearly 3-1 and asked about how that crushing defeat in relation to the Virginia governor’s race basically turned around. around school policy. In his words:

For me, it reflects, a little bit, the Virginia governor’s race and what we’ve seen when parents are outraged and I think that’s a clearer picture for everyone that this is not about important racial theory, which is about frustration with government authority, if you can get this done, can you do what you’re saying, can you take care of the kids our young?

Should Democrats look at what happened in Virginia now, with what we saw in San Francisco and what the school board recalls?

To be fair, that’s actually a pretty good question: given the damage they’ve seen from the way they’ve handled schools, what can Democrats do to start winning again?

Senator Kaine doesn’t have a good answer. Instead, he has continued a long, vicious attack against the kind of people who brought Youngkin into office, more effectively calling them terrorists than claiming that the Democrats have done a good job. bad work.

First, he defended, saying that the education in Old Dominion was excellent thanks to the leadership of the Democratic Party, ignoring all the harmful effects of leftist policies, such as the many rapes in Loudoun County schools that happens because of the way that district handles transgender students. In Kaine’s words:

Look, under Democratic leadership in Virginia, we have some of the best public schools in the nation, don’t we? I mean, what do you want to see SAT scores, NAEP scores, quality of student outcomes, quality of our institutions of higher education? Under Democratic leadership, the percentage is very high.

He then tried to blame the pandemic, saying that the Democrats did all they could and were unfairly blamed, ignoring that states with Indian governors did well. much more than Virginia in getting kids back to school without forcing them to wear masks. Again, in Kaine’s words:

But, look, the pandemic has taken a toll. It harms parents, harms children, harms teachers and others. And sure, there’s a lot of frustration, and I don’t – I don’t live in San Francisco, but, what I hear, a lot of people voted, you guys are more focused on renaming the school than creating a new one. safe learning environment. And if that happens, yes, you will find that the locals will move on to their local leadership and they will bring others in. “

Then he came to what might be the point where he hoped to gain an argument: people angry at the school board for doing such a poor job at handling things really. are terrorists who threaten violence.

“What worries me, and we’ve seen this in Virginia, I have to say, I don’t like what the Loudon School Board did, sending a letter to their house saying, I’m going to kill you. and your child. BILLIONhe threatens violence against these poor school board members, most of them are parents with children in school, who want to run for office who need no money, no salary, to try to do a good job. The kind of violence and intimidation and insults against them is truly beyond the pale. I hope we can rein it in again, but you have to admit it’s been a really tough time for parents and kids.

He’s just crazy because Youngkin is working; Protesting parents are no more threatening terrorists than the brave Canadian truckers who stood up for Trudeau. But Kaine, like Castreau to the north, would rather call his opponents terrorists than listen to their reasonable concerns. LOL: Leftist Failing Tim Kaine moans Bemoans Parent Reserve in Virginia

Charles Jones

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