LOL: Jen Psaki accused on Twitter of misrepresenting GOP position

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Jen Psaki posted two completely silly tweets recently, both of which she ripped apart. Why? Because they are not just partisan attacks; that number is on par for both sides and we will deal with it as it happens. No, these have led to such a scathing response because they are all absurd, bald-headed misrepresentations of what is really going on.

First, she attacked Senators Scott and Johnson, saying:

Senate Republicans have a gut health plan, increasing premiums and stripping protections for pre-existing conditions. They also want to raise taxes on half of all Americans, including seniors and working families. Don’t listen to me, listen to @SenRickScott and @SenRonJohnson

By “gut health” she means Johnson says he’s giving a likely bill allow cuts to Medicare and Social Security, both of which are sucking up growing amounts of federal funding, driving debt higher and crowding out other key budget line items, namely military spending.

Well, conservative Twitter has criticized Psaki, tearing her to shreds because she misrepresents what Johnson does. For example, one commenter said (and these tweets are opinion statements, not factual statements, so read them with a grain of salt):

Your administration raised taxes by shutting down American oil. You’ve made healthcare prices go up with Covid and vaccines. It’s embarrassing to lie in front of people’s tables every time. You shut down the supply chain. You became 100 new billionaires when you shut down

Another said:

The Democrats have ravaged America with raging inflation, supply shortages, a border crisis, rampant crime, the highest gas prices ever, and nearly the end of World War II. are you stupid still following this bi + ch commie?? Mental illness is real.

Perhaps most accurately, one person said “Lol, this is so desperate“. Indeed it is.

Another, echoing a joke about Joe being photographed sniffing people (while mostly just bad angles, that’s funny) said:

Another one of your lies to try to save the midterm exam! I can’t wait until they take over and stop Creepy Joe! Just 1 question, how many times a day does he have to sniff you to make you lie to him

An, in my personal favorite response, just posted a funny GIF that represents how ridiculous Psaki’s tweet was:

Well, that wasn’t the only tweet of the day by Psaki that was completely ruined. In another post, she said:

. @POTUS and his Administration stand with LGBTQI+ students everywhere, including in Florida, where they passed hateful legislation targeting vulnerable students.

Florida’s presentation of the measure means guard young students from having to listen to leftist propaganda about sex, which is completely false. So, once again, Psaki was criticized on Twitter.

One commenter, in perhaps the best response, simply included a tweet by Matt Walsh about what the actual bill was. In his words:

This is the so-called “no gay talk” bill. All that is required is that teachers do not discuss sexual orientation and gender identity with children in third grade and younger. The Left is so determined to instill sex in your kids that they see it as the end of the world.

Another, quite accurately, said “You didn’t read the bill or you just intentionally lied. ”

In a similar comment, another simply said that “Have you read the bill yet?(I guess? NO, no she didn’t)

Yet another, emphasizing the cautious case for the bill, said:

It would be easier if we called it: “KIDS LIMITED TO SEXUAL DEVELOPMENT IN FLORIDA LAW”. Delight?

Indeed. Perhaps the constant attacks on Twitter will teach Psaki to speak the truth. I doubt it, but it’s possible. LOL: Jen Psaki accused on Twitter of misrepresenting GOP position

Jake Nichol

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