“Lock Her Up!”: You Won’t Believe How Humiliated Hillary Was In New York [Video]

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Hillary is in trouble after Special Counsel Durham released her aggregate report that she and her henchmen spied on President Donald Trump by wiretapping Trump Tower, the Executive Office of the President and other locations both during the campaign and after he was president. .

Many members, indeed almost the entire GOP, are blaming her for espionage, a capital crime, and even more Democrats sick of the Clinton family corruption are arresting her. on duty and request an investigation into her crime.

However, she managed to avoid public attention in her PR nightmare, hiding and away from reporters rather than facing the allegations directly.

Until now, that is. Appearing at the Sheraton Hotel in Times Square for a speech at the New York State Democratic Convention, Hillary was seen by an angry crowd of Americans and cruelly mocked and humiliated as she entered the building, with chants of “lock her up. Some also shouted mandatory anti-vaccination slogans while another protester was spotted with a “Watergate 2.0” poster. See that here:

Just a video, but it shows how the public feels about Clinton and this recent scandal. While Bill generally dislikes despite being unable to zip his pants, at least among moderates, Hillary doesn’t. Instead, the evil witch is despised, with many wanting to see her not only in politics but in prison.

And jail, if Durham’s allegations are true, would be a “light” punishment for what she’s accused of. Spying is a crime (meaning it carries the death penalty), as Trump noted in his statement on the matter:

“The latest plea from Special Counsel Robert Durham provides irrefutable evidence that my campaign and presidency were spied on by special agents paid for by the Hillary Clinton Campaign in an effort to attempt to develop a completely fabricated relationship with Russia.

This is a scandal of much larger scope and magnitude than the Watergate affair and those who were involved in and aware of this espionage should be criminally prosecuted. In a stronger period in our country, this crime could be punished with death. Also, compensation needs to be paid to the people in our country who have suffered damage because of this.”

So yes, prison would be benevolent punishment.

Hillary, however, doesn’t even bother defending herself on the subject, instead trusting (or hoping) that her minions in the media will protect her. Like Daily Mail report:

Hillary Clinton declined to answer questions about allegations that her allies spied on Trump’s campaign as the controversy continued to engulf her on Tuesday.

Clinton continued to pose puzzling questions later that same day when she and Chelsea emerged from a Filipino restaurant in Queens about three hours after they appeared to be filming.

Going down and ignoring all the questions the mother and daughter returned to the city surrounded by the details of their Secret Service.

Exclusive images and videos obtained by DailyMail.com show a stiff-faced Clinton, quietly dismissing repeated questions about whether she was following. Donald Trump.

However, she doesn’t seem to do well. As the Daily Mail put it a few lines later, “she looked tense behind her black mask as she sternly jogged the question.

Judgment (hopefully) will come to Hillary. America wants that and she definitely deserves it.

https://smartzune.com/lock-her-up-you-wont-believe-how-hillary-was-humiliated-in-new-york-video/ “Lock Her Up!”: You Won’t Believe How Humiliated Hillary Was In New York [Video]

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