List of Destiny Child Character Levels – Best Characters in Destiny Child

When playing games that involve truckloads of characters, it’s always useful to have a handy leaderboard to know exactly what to aim for. And Destiny Child is one such game. It’s a mobile gacha card game about collecting and fighting potential demons called “Kids” in a variety of game modes. It’s available for both Android and iOS devices (and even PCs via emulators) and has garnered a sizeable following over the years. As with many games that have become popular, since its release in 2016 (or 2018 for the English version), it has spawned a veritable army of characters for you to choose from. As such, you might be wondering how these characters are faring and which ones you should prioritize when collecting. Don’t worry, we have a leaderboard just for you.

S level

These characters are the best of the best. They excel in all forms of in-game content, from campaign, PVP battles, car battles, raids, and world bosses. You should never miss an opportunity to pick up one of these characters.

  • change (Attacker)
  • pomona (Healer)
  • Mona (Tank)
  • dana (Tank)
  • Saturn (Attacker)
  • Salomé (Attacker)
  • Neptune (Support)

A step

These characters are great. Most can even outperform some S-Tier characters in certain game modes. But they just aren’t as versatile or overall powerful as they are. Despite this, they are very strong characters and very collectible.

  • Astraea (Healer)
  • Bast (Attacker)
  • Bathory (debuffer)
  • eve (Attacker)
  • mate (Healer)
  • siren (Attacker)
  • Syrinx (Healer)
  • Thanatos (Attacker)
  • this (Support)

B level

These characters are mainly used for filling while more A and S tier characters are collected. They can be good or decent in a game mode, but are generally replaced across the board. For the most part they are used in autobattle modes.

  • Abaddon (Attacker)
  • Athena (Defender)
  • ayane (Attacker)
  • esp (Defender)
  • Daphnis (Attacker)
  • your (Healer)
  • demeter (Healer)
  • Elizabeth (Attacker)
  • Freya (Attacker)
  • Hildr (Attacker)
  • Jacheongbi (Attacker)
  • Khepri (Attacker)
  • Krampus (Attacker)
  • Leda (Support)
  • Mafdet (Attacker)
  • Nicole (Attacker)
  • Panteon (Support)
  • Rita (debuffer)
  • Tamamo (debuffer)
  • Tiamat (debuffer)

C level

These are some of the weakest characters in the game. You won’t find many uses for them outside of the early stages. You probably only want to use one of these later in the game while you focus on getting better ones.

  • Aill (Attacker)
  • anemone (Support)
  • annie (Attacker)
  • aria (Support)
  • banshee (debuffer)
  • bari (Attacker)
  • chocolate cake (Support)
  • Cain (Attacker)
  • Calypso (Attacker)
  • Cleopatra (Attacker)
  • David (Attacker)
  • David (Attacker)
  • Durandal (Support)
  • Eochaid (Attacker)
  • Epona (Support)
  • Eshu (Tank)
  • Fail (Support)
  • free (Attacker)
  • Giltine (Support)
  • Hades (Tank)
  • Iphis (debuffer)
  • Isolde (debuffer)
  • Jupiter (debuffer)
  • kasumi (Attacker)
  • Catherine (debuffer)
  • Kubaba (Attacker)
  • Lion (Support)
  • list (Support)
  • Luna (Support)
  • Makoto (Healer)
  • Marie Rosa (Defender)
  • Mars (Tank)
  • Medb (Attacker)
  • metis (Healer)
  • Midas (debuffer)
  • Michu (Support)
  • moa (debuffer)
  • Myrina (Support)
  • Olga (debuffer)
  • Pallas (Support)
  • racoon (Defender)
  • Russalka (Healer)
  • serval (Attacker)
  • skiing Eshu (Support)
  • Tyrannical (Attacker)
  • Wodan (Support)
  • Ziva (Attacker)

D level

These are the worst of the worst. Simply put, you want to get rid of these if you can, or ignore them for pretty much every other character in the game.

  • astoreth (Attacker)
  • babel (debuffer)
  • billy (debuffer)
  • Bridget (Tank)
  • Catherine (Tank)
  • Daoine Sidhe (debuffer)
  • Diablo (Tank)
  • Doryeong (Support)
  • Ganesha (Support)
  • hestia (Attacker)
  • Honoka (Healer)
  • No (Defender)
  • Lan Fei (debuffer)
  • limousines (debuffer)
  • luin (debuffer)
  • mammon (Defender)
  • morgan (Attacker)
  • Naias (Support)
  • neamhain (debuffer)
  • Nine (debuffer)
  • Nirti (debuffer)
  • Pan (debuffer)
  • ring (Healer)
  • Sytry (Support)
  • Venus (Healer)
  • refined (Support)
  • werewolf (Support) List of Destiny Child Character Levels – Best Characters in Destiny Child

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