Leftists are going insane as Trump-appointed judge ends Airine mask mandate

I don’t have any empirical data to support this claim, but I have a strong suspicion that the people who are most afraid – and yes, fear is the correct description – of relaxed mask requirements are also the same people who are currently using their boosters , the guy are of people who wear masks while driving alone and walking outside, testing weekly and probably even tested positive for Omicron this winter. Call it a hunch.

Nothing captures the mood of the left better than Twitter’s leftist echo chamber. It was a glorious sight yesterday when news broke that the brave judge single-handedly stood up to government abuse and tyranny. Left tears are the sweetest drink.

Check out how these jerks reacted to the news of freedom:

“Thanks very much @united. The idea of ​​not waiting for “vaccine for everyone” (including kids under 5) is pretty much you just say it’s cool if a bunch of kids die so you don’t wait until a or have to enforce two months.”

It is worth noting that this person is a supposed doctor. Has an only child died of Covid after flying? Did they contract the disease at all after flying? Not to minimize the loss of a child, but if airplanes were a transmission vector and children were a serious risk, we would know by now. And god knows the corporate media would jump at it.

More chilling than the thought that this guy has nearly 100,000 Twitter followers and an outsized medical influence is the reminder that most doctors share his attitude. After two years these idiots honestly think it’s a vaccine or they’re still dying. To them, the idea that this virus doesn’t affect everyone equally (least of all children) or that we have cheap, repurposed drugs that are highly effective is unthinkable.

And they wonder why we don’t trust Science™ anymore.

This “doctor” kept rolling with the bad takes. Here he is again:

“Hi @united. When I bought my tickets for myself, my wife (who is pregnant) and our unvaccinated 4 year old I assumed you would still be required to wear a mask. Now you cancel it and we have to take our return flight according to your new mask-free policy?! Thanks very much.”

These people are so… pathetic. All traits of leftists are gross, but one thing that’s really emphasized here is selfishness. This guy doesn’t care about your kid. Or you. He’s only interested in his planned flight. He wanted to fly with a good feeling so he could do whatever he wanted. Now that freedom and other people are in the way, he can’t just focus on himself. Leftism is synonymous with egocentricity. The mask talk captures this perfectly.

Of course, the doctor likely to commit medical malpractice by refusing to prescribe safe treatments and advocating only population-wide biomedical experimentation is not alone. Twitter was full of jerks coming out of the woodwork:

“I will not fly @AlaskaAir until they reinstate public safety measures #COVID-19. #boycottAlaskaAir.”

“Siting in a cramped, confined space for several hours with 200 coughing, breathing, sneezing strangers?”

“Yes, I will be wearing my mask on flights for the foreseeable future and that’s all I have to say about that.”

“I’m so frustrated. We have plane tickets this weekend which felt like a bearable risk just because everyone has to wear a mask. Now we have to sit in a tube with 200 people (some of whom will surely be + for Covid) and risk getting sick or canceling our trip. drunk.”

“I am in the process of canceling my September flight and flying with a competitor. They should be obliged to protect everyone. That was a bad choice and will cost you money.”

Again, this is about the feelings of selfish people. You and I should have to wear a mask so they feel protected by their binky. It’s not enough that they’ve been bitten and are wearing face diapers; you also have to. For the common good. For her.

https://smartzune.com/leftists-lose-their-minds-over-trump-appointed-judge-ends-airine-mask-mandate/ Leftists are going insane as Trump-appointed judge ends Airine mask mandate

Jake Nichol

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