LeBron James apologizes to Lakers fans, but he should have seen this happen when he asked Russell Westbrook

The Los Angeles Lakers have lost three of their last four and are, 22-22, sitting in a straight line. Head coach Frank Vogel is enthusiastic about the defeats this season. According to a Report from The AthleticVogel “closely avoided” was fired after losing 37 points first miner on Saturday and will continue to be “assessed on a game-by-game basis and remains at risk of early dismissal if progress does not continue.”

Meanwhile, LeBron James took to Twitter to sorry Lakers fans.

LeBron is doing everything he can expect to do this season, and given the roster Rob Pelinka has assembled and the 29 games that LeBron and Anthony Davis (whose year-to-date insistence on playing big doubles contributed largely to the Lakers’ lousy start) combined to miss, to infer Vogel was the problem an error.

The problem is Russell Westbrook.

Twitter idiots probably won’t read through that last sentence before branding me as just another Russ hater, but for those of you still with me, let’s be clear: Westbrook not full problem. But he’s the biggest, not only because of his unfavourable game, but also because of the opportunity cost – aka. Buddy Hield – trade for him in the first place.

From the latest Marc Stein newsletter:

Westbrook’s fit for the Laker role alongside James and Davis has proven to be worth considering as countless skeptics say it will be when Vogel bosses – at James’ and Davis’ urging – do currently a deal is planned for Buddy Hield of Sacramento to acquire Westbrook instead.

A couple of things here: First, let’s agree to stop referring to Westbrook’s “fitness.” It’s just a fallacy for what you’re really saying, which is that he’s not a good person anymore. NBA player. Westbrook doesn’t “fit” anywhere.

Not a single GM in the league walked into the war room before the trading deadline and announced to his staff: “Okay, what we’re looking for is a really bad shooter who shoots. very bad at the really bad times, who just wants to possess the ball inefficiently and is relatively useless without it, who is in charge of defense and the rotation machine and who still believes in him He’s a legitimate superstar despite making every team he’s been on over the past three seasons markedly worse.”

Well, that’s not a fitting issue. That’s a bad player.

This is evident to anyone who has watched Westbrook play basketball with half an eye over the past half-decade. The Rocket, Witch and now the Lakers are definitely worse because of his presence. And before you try to refute that claim with a nod to the five-man rocket, who have had to shift their teams inside and out in a desperate attempt to salvage the last drops of useful gas. Westbrook’s last remnants, understand that by doing so you are further proving the point.

You have to lower your standards with Westbrook. Before he came to Houston, it was a top championship team. After he got there, putting together a nice regular season and barely getting out of the first round was a pleasant surprise indeed.

Bottom line: Teams played better when Westbrook left and worse when he showed up. The Thunder for the better, the Rockets for the worse. The Wizards are better this year, while the Lakers are worse. These days I know it’s fun to talk about basketball through an Einstein-ian lens, but the math is pretty simple.

But in the NBA, the superstars get what they want. James Harden wanted Westbrook in Houston, so Daryl Morey made it happen. Then it was LeBron who succeeded in seducing a big name, and Pelinka wouldn’t tell him no. LeBron might have thought Westbrook’s presence as the main ball holder and assist would make things easier for him, but instead it just put the challenge in front of him. Then, at 37, it was significantly more difficult.

There’s no denying that the Lakers would be a better team with Hield than with Westbrook. But even if you don’t want to go the hypothetical route, they would be a significantly better team if they just kept the guys they traded with the Wizards for Westbrook in the first place. Minus Westbrook and plug it back in even just Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Kyle Kuzma, and you have a better team. And this doesn’t make any sense about the Lakers being cheap on Alex Carusoa painfully bad decision that Westbrook’s huge salary must have taken into account.

For the most part, it’s a lazy approach to nuance and context in judging any team or player, but with the post-Kevin Durant version of Westbrook, you can’t ignore simplicity and consistent in his negative correlation. If he’s on your team, you’re not so good.

From here on out, the Lakers are betting that LeBron and Davis are great enough to overcome even Westbrook’s pull, and maybe they are. I wouldn’t rule them out in the playoff series with anyone. LeBron remains one of the best players in the world and Davis could play that way in any series. But it is not as difficult as this. LeBron asked for Westbrook, and he shouldn’t be surprised with the player he got. This is Westbrook. It was as clear as day for many years.

LeBron has succeeded in playing the fictional GM. He pushed Cleveland Cavaliers exchange Andrew Wiggins because the Kevin love and win a title. He moved many mountains to get Anthony Davis to the Lakers and win a title. But he, and the Lakers by extension, missed Westbrook. And that was a bad miss. One that has so far cost the team even more than the $44.2 million it is paying Westbrook. So far, it costs them any real shot in a title.

That could change. Like I said, I don’t doubt LeBron players. But if the Lakers turn the tables and really turn themselves into opponents in May, it most likely won’t be because of Westbrook. It will defy him.

https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/lebron-james-apologizes-to-lakers-fans-but-he-shouldve-seen-this-coming-when-he-asked-for-russell-westbrook/ LeBron James apologizes to Lakers fans, but he should have seen this happen when he asked Russell Westbrook

Charles Jones

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