Kyle Rittenhouse blasts Biden in awesome Tweet

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Admittedly, when I first watched Kyle Rittenhouse’s video posted below, I felt like crying or laughing. Otherwise, it’s hilarious and perfectly sums up what’s going on in America right now. On the other hand, I felt like crying when I watched a video of Kyle crying while standing in the witness stand, because it just didn’t feel right.

But then, I took a closer look and… KYLE was the one who posted it. So out of interest, I laughed so painfully. Here is a great video:

No, not Lemon Heads.. but a burning hole in my pocket thanks to Joe Biden’s presidency.. 😂😂

The “Lemon Heads” part is a nod to LeBron James, a clumsy, far-left basketball player who insulted Kyle when the original video of him crying appeared, saying:

What tears???? I didn’t see one. The man knocks it down! That boy ate some lemons before entering the court. 🤣🤣🤣

Regardless of what King James the Vapid thinks, doesn’t it just perfectly sum up the feeling of refueling in America? No one wants to fill; the cost of doing so is heartbreak and gut check, not to mention painful wallet.

So between crying out over sky-high prices like Kyle in the video or gluing one of Biden’s “I did it” stickers pointing to the price, many Americans can identify quite clearly with this video. .

Of course, Biden’s allies will insist that higher gas prices are not his fault. Like CNN Written back in June 2021, for example:

It is wrong to blame the President for high gas prices, especially since one of the biggest reasons behind the spike is that the US economy is starting to recover – which is not bad news for him. a new president has been in office for 5 months. Supply chains are complex, and if there’s anything that can be worked out for gas price hikes it’s the pandemic that caused global oil production – and many other commodities – to drop last year due to demand. higher. Following the lifting of pandemic-related restrictions, supply has not kept pace with new demand as the economy begins to recover and people are back on the road, experts told CNN.

However, rightly or wrongly, many Americans will blame Biden for the crisis, as FiveThirtyEight reported:

Higher gas prices could also reduce presidential approval. Equal I wrote back in DecemberOverall inflation is associated with several periods of recession in presidential approval, and the study also found that higher gas prices are often associated with significantly and negatively affect presidential approval ratings.

So Americans of all kinds will have a good laugh at Biden’s expense, even if CNN and other organizations shouldn’t, with a major stimulant for laughter being funny video. Hilarious shared by Kyle, a video we all can recognize whenever it’s time to go to the local gas station and refill. Kyle Rittenhouse blasts Biden in awesome Tweet

Jake Nichol

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