King of the Ring Xavier Woods celebrates ‘a great month’ ahead of the 2021 Survivor Series

Ask Xavier Woods and he’ll make it clear: it’s been a very good month. The 2021 WWE King of the Ring is also in the process of relaunching the gaming-focused G4 television network, which he serves as one of the network’s main servers. Both achievements fall under the category of a “dream come true” for the 35-year-old Georgia native.

Woods won the title of King of the Ring at Crown Jewel in late October. Winning the tournament has been Woods’ main goal in wrestling since he became a fan as a child. After being dropped from the tournament when WWE revived the concept in 2019, fans joined Woods to his chagrin. Two years later, the dream came true as Woods entered a new phase of his career, becoming a single star.

“It feels like anything happens when you realize a dream you’ve had since you were a kid,” Woods told CBS Sports. “The feeling is absolutely unbelievable. It’s one of those things that no one can take from you and a moment that will be etched in your brain for eternity. I had to achieve something that not everyone else has. I can do it. I believe I’m the King of the 22nd Ring. To me we’re in the doubles so it’s great to be matched with such prestigious performers who have can win the crown. So it’s just weird because this is exactly what I wanted from my wrestling career. In the end, I don’t know, it’s amazing. I had a great month.

Woods joins his New Day teammates, Kofi Kingston and Big E, for turning their side’s dynamics into big singles success. Kingston and Big E have achieved their goal of being the reigning world champions – with Big E currently holding the WWE championship – and Woods’ King of the Ring victory shows the continued impact of the group.

In many ways that are unique to WWE, the members of New Day were almost forced to question achieving success, doing things in unorthodox ways to attract crowds and not just tag the team successfully. in the history of advertising. Woods made the team successful for its consistent desire to grow and adapt while remaining at the core of what makes all three members so special.

“As soon as you’re not as hungry as you used to be, it’s time to stop and figure out what else you enjoy in life,” says Woods. “If you’re not honing to achieve something, you can’t grow as a person. If you’re stagnant and content with where you are, what’s the point of doing it in the first place? Right when I became complacent in wrestling, I was done. That’s when I put on my boots.

“For me and for us, we have always been in a position where we can achieve the goals we have had for a long time and then, at the same time, we are now in a position is kids are watching us and we are trying our best to lead by example that if you want something, go and get it.don’t sit and wait for it and hope that someone will bring it to you. That’s something we take very seriously because we know a lot of kids watch wrestling and like us because of our bright colors, funny jokes, unicorns, pancakes and all that. We’re running a very kid-friendly act. We do our best not only to get the things we want in our personal lives done, but to make sure we do that. the kids watching understand that you don’t fit the mold that other people think you should, it doesn’t matter if you work hard enough, you can build the right house i built it but you can use your own tools to build it. “

Woods’ tools in the early days of New Year’s Day were those of the “third man” and were rarely the focus of efforts in the ring. With the trombone he named Francesca, Woods was, in his own words, the “little brother” of the team.

His work in the ring over the past few years, first as a steady part of tag team matches and now as a singles player, has shown him to be a great wrestler. And who doesn’t know he has it in him to compete at this level?

“I won’t lie, you slept,” Woods said. “I’m definitely getting better. If you’re not getting better then you’re not doing it right. You always have to listen and learn and I’ll learn until the day I die. But if I’m not better any time. compared to five years ago, I’m letting myself down. The flip side of that, yes, I finally have a chance to shine a bit. In the shift in perception that’s happening now, that’s part of New Day’s plan is that I’ve been in that little brother role for a long time and then branched out into what I’ve been doing lately and what I’ve been doing over the last few years with content. card division. It gives us a new layer when I finally come out of my shell and helps keep the team fresh with more ways to get into the story. It gives us more ways. against the other personalities on the list.

“I think all three of us understand that when one of us succeeds, we all succeed. It’s not one of those toxic masculinity things there, ‘Oh, you’ve got a name for yourself. brand! Logically speaking, I never understood the full extent of jealousy, ‘I have to fight you for the title’. … It makes sense to have you. That’s what we’ve always been thinking about. It’s nice to finally be able to make this a position where I can wake people up but that’s what I feel. found myself in me for quite some time

“Being able to do the work with New Date and get Francesca into the mix and be able to improve that aspect of my game is pretty amazing. We’ve been able to get to the point where we can make it work. people love the game of trombone I don’t think that’s really on your bingo card when you say you want to be a pro wrestler what do you want to do oh, i want people to love the game trombone like me.It’s not something that pops into your head.I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of interesting things that I didn’t realize at the start of my career, which will be very important to me in the way I understand wrestling, not just outside the ring but also inside the ring.”

Woods will now join the Sunday Survivor Series with plenty of momentum. He will compete as part of Team SmackDown in the traditional Survivor Series five-on-five card game against Team Raw.

Despite his involvement in a bit of another WWE tradition, Woods doesn’t seem particularly interested in the idea of ​​”brand supremacy” as defined through his game, especially when multiple men are involved. Joining the match only came to their brand after the recent WWE Draft. .

“Considering many of us have only been back on SmackDown for three or four weeks, that’s not really exciting,” Woods said. “It’s just another game. It’s great to be a part of it but at the same time, we’re trying to figure out what the winner will get? Are we just fighting to fight or do we fight? for something?

“The idea of ​​brand supremacy, for someone like me? I’m king. If I remove half of my ingredients because they like Raw, I’m not a good king. I’m king of the whole thing. I’m not worried about Raw winning or SmackDown winning, I’m worried about everyone winning and they’ll win because it’s going to be an unbelievable game but when my team wins – When the king’s team wins, I want something for it. I don’t. I don’t care about matches for no reason. I’ll need them to come up with something for the king when I win. .” King of the Ring Xavier Woods celebrates ‘a great month’ ahead of the 2021 Survivor Series

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