Key Elections – New Conservative School Board offers radical warm-up!

The consequences of violence perpetrated by BLM and ANTIFA during the COVID pandemic are sweeping the country. The need to restore law and order, while removing the social justice movement and hidden mandates from their families’ lives, has spurred parents across the country to take action.

Some of these depressed parents are starting to attend school board meetings in 2021, fighting officials who are pushing for Critical Racial Theory (CRT) and face-covering mandates for their children to follow. study in schools.

As frustration with SJW school administrators grew, Attorney General Merrick Garland was asked by the school’s progressive board association to intervene.

DOJ agrees to intervene parental characteristics as domestic terrorists led to investigations into parents who openly protested during school board meetings.

Instead of silencing parents, it actually prompts them to run for office or elect conservatives to school councils allowing them to cause changes from within.

In an example of what parents can do locally; a conservative majority school board in Colorado, fired their provincial school director.

“Last week, Douglas County School Board President Mike Peterson and vice president Christy Williams personally met with Superintendent Corey Wise and gave him an ultimatum: resign or they will fire him.” report CPR News Feb. 4. Wise has been an advocate of the preposterous school mask duty, as seen in his Facebook post.

“Friday night, after three hours of heated debate, the board got it right,” the site continued. “The members voted 4-3 to terminate the contract with Wise.”

Douglas County had the biggest revenue in Colorado’s school board elections last year. CPR Written November 4, “A conservative group of four candidates won big in Douglas County on Tuesday night, removing two incumbents and installing a new majority board that promises to give women parent a position at the education desk. The race was one of Colorado’s toughest and toughest, after a year of intense community input during school board meetings. “

Townhall’s Joy Overbeck wrote about the reality of Critical Race Theory (CRT’s) being implemented in schools and the situation in Douglas County.

In “How to Cancel Your School Board,” she Written:

There’s a deadly pandemic for which there’s no vaccine, and it’s called Critical Racial Theory (CRT.) This is the “waking up” and it’s infiltrating school districts and classrooms across the country, infecting the minds of generations of Americans from preschool to college. It is a relentless disease, spreading racial divisions and mistrust with a defining dogma that defines all whites as programmed to be oppressors and all minorities as doomed victim of that white man’s oppression.

This is the story of what happened when this pandemic suddenly hit Douglas County, Colorado, the School District, which serves 63,000 students. Only 1 percent of those students are black, and black residents make up just 1.1 percent of the county population (with Hispanics being about 7 percent according to the 2010 census). most recent data).

So Douglas County is simply not as diverse and “inclusive” as many waking left-leaning people would like. Yet somehow, the county consistently ranks at the top of “great places to live” surveys across the country. Those are leafy, rich neighborhoods with friendly locals and lots of dogs…. The constituency is predominantly white, and the Republican Party is one of the best-educated populations in the nation.

The county hasn’t been troubled by Antifa and BLM burning and looting causing extreme left-side areas of the nation… and the fall elections yielded a decisive victory for all the Republican candidates. local and state, as usual.

“It should be noted that for the past two years, the Superintendent, the Superintendent, and the Chief Technology Officer have all been African-American,” Overbeck also reported. (We might wonder what the reaction would be if whites dominated the school system in a district with only 1.1% whites.)

The writer further tells us that while “the Director of Academics said she experienced ‘passive aggressive racism and violations’ almost daily, none of the three senior officials district has any specific complaints.” All three are now gone.

Children are victims of CRT. For example, “Within a week of teaching CRT, I watched my son become resentful and angry about the assumptions made about him because he happened to be white and male.” Colorado’s mother Rachel Kopfle said at a school board meeting last year, Littleton Independent related.

The good news is that after being pushed back last year, the Douglas County School District (DCSD) has canceled at least part of Gemini’s training program. This has motivated Gemini accusation DCSD on “allowing a small number of white parents to have a say” halted progress.

As expected, activists are challenging the termination of Wise.

Liberal Douglas school board members said Wise’s dismissal was not “lawful,” which prompted “one of the largest school systems in the Denver area to close on Thursday as 1,000 teachers shut down 1,000 teachers.” , district staff and parents opposed the panel in favor of Wise,” report Articles washington. Key Elections – New Conservative School Board offers radical warm-up!

James Brien

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