Kerry Worried About Climate Change As Russia Invades Ukraine

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What’s the matter with Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, his sending of armored columns to tame the country’s sketchy defenses while cruise missiles, attack helicopters and fighter jets tore through the cities. streets and bases of this country?

The real problem, according to John Kerry, is that it will distract us from climate change. He, in an interview with the BBC, had this to say:

I am concerned about Ukraine because the Ukrainian people and principles are at risk, in terms of international law and trying to change the boundaries of international law by force. I thought we lived in a world that said no to that kind of activity. And I hope diplomacy wins.

But the consequences of large emissions for war – but equally important, you will distract people, you will inevitably lose the attention of big countries because they will be diverted and I think it could have dangerous effects. So, you know, I think hopefully President Putin will realize that in the north of his country, they used to live in over 66% of the country that was frozen land..

Now it is thawing and his infrastructure is at risk,” he added. “And the Russian people are at risk. And so I hope President Putin will keep us on track on what we need to do on climate.. ”

Yes, he actually said it. See him here:

There’s a reason Putin has decided now is the time to invade: our elites are not serious people.

A case can be made that the invasion is not necessarily a big deal for the United States. Ukraine has long been part of Russia’s sphere of influence, Putin is the traditionalist leader who has spearheaded the revival of the Orthodox Church in Russia, and the US has no treaty commitments to Ukraine. . That realist point of view is a strong case, even if it seems mindless.

But that’s not what Kerry is saying. He said that the real problem of a major invasion is not that thousands of people could die in the fighting, but that World War II could start if Biden goes head-to-head with Putin over the invasion, or that nuclear war (think of how bad that would be for the environment) might happen if we go to war.

No, for him it is important that a few more tons of CO2 can be released because the world is more interested in an invasion than sea level 1000 years from now.

Perhaps Putin can appease Kerry and prevent nuclear weapons by planting a few pines in Donetsk and Kerry can fly over in his private jet or sail on his yacht to check them out.

So as long as fools like Kerry are the face of the United States, our adversaries will continue to do as they please. They don’t take us or our leaders seriously, and for good reason; they focus more on the angry sun monster than the real invasion.

I guess that Peter Doocy’s answer question if the Biden regime still sees climate change as the biggest threat. Kerry Worried About Climate Change As Russia Invades Ukraine

Jake Nichol

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