Katie sold a $10 item on Facebook Marketplace. What happened next stunned her

A young mother who wanted to sell an item for $10 on Facebook Marketplace recounted the bizarre messages she received from the potential buyer.

Katie Summers from Canada wanted to get rid of her young daughter’s belongings, so she put up an activity center toy for sale.

But things took a strange turn when she received a few text messages from the potential buyer.

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“My husband thinks I’m being scammed on Facebook Marketplace,” Katie explained in a video.

“My daughter just turned one and we have a lot of things that we no longer need for her. That’s why we have this toy, so I listed it on Facebook Marketplace for $10.

“I’m pretty sure these things cost hundreds of dollars when new, so I thought it was a steal.”

After listing the product online, she received a Facebook message from a stranger.

“This very nice woman writes me a message and says, ‘I’m a grandma and I’d like to buy this for my brand new grandchild,'” Katie remembers.

“So I thought, ‘Oh my God, of course this is so beautiful.’ Can you come at this time tomorrow?’ She said, ‘Yeah, don’t worry’.”

Katie Summer tried to sell a $10 item on Facebook Marketplace. Later, she received an unusual message from the potential buyer. Credit: Katie Summers

The next day, Katie messaged the woman to arrange a contactless sale at her home.

“I realized that she would come right when my baby is sleeping, and that is an hour a day that I have to myself so I don’t risk waking the baby,” the mother explained.

“So I texted her and said, ‘Hey, is it cool if we just do a contactless exchange?’ I’ll put the toy on the step and you can just leave the money there.

“And then I also told her, ‘Hey, if you don’t see this message by then, I’ll put a note on it so you know what’s going on.’

As Katie continued her day, she received a response from the woman.

“This is what she wrote: ‘Now can we do it tomorrow?’ My husband just filed for divorce and I’m shocked. I’m 66! And we’ve been together since we were 13,” she said of the news.

The mother said her first thought was, “Oh my God, this is so sad, I should just give her this thing for free.”

“Am I being cheated on?”

However, her husband was not sympathetic.

“He says, ‘No, she’s totally cheating on you.’ She’s trying to get this thing for free. “She’s working on you,” Katie said.

“So like the rational person in me, who is always an optimist, I think, ‘She’s really trying to poach me for $10?’ No way.’

“My husband is very cynical, but he is convinced that this is their plan and that there is no divorce. He says, “She’s probably not even a grandma.”

“So what? Is he right? Am I being scammed? Am I falling for it? I mean, in this economy, I think anything is possible.”

“Touched my heart”

Her video has been viewed more than 47,000 times – with many divided over their encounter.

“That happened to me! But the woman told me she was buying something for her baby and then sent me a message saying her boyfriend left her so she couldn’t afford it. Since I was a single mother at the time, she was dear to my heart, so I gave her everything for free. The next day she resold everything,” one person shared.

Another suggested: “I’m with your husband. I’ve seen people give so much extra information when they cancel on a meeting and then ask to pay less or not show up at all.”

One revealed: “I was literally scammed in the same way. You said you were a grandmother. They wanted to get it for their grandchildren, but then sold it at a high price.”

Another said: “I completely cheated on you. Or desperate for compassion. One or the other.”

While one added: “Just join in and see if she shows it.” back to top It’s only $10.”

However, many were convinced that the buyer was actually an “over-sharer” as she was probably just processing the shocking split.

“Looks like she was in shock and she only blurted it out because she had to tell someone,” one suggested.

Another shared, “As a child of a boomer generation…people in their 60s and 70s can be notorious for oversharing with strangers.”

One said: “I think she is honest. It’s too strange to say. Plus, it only costs $10. Maybe she was just shocked and needed to tell someone.”

While another added: “Why would anyone give the item for free? Just because she’s getting a divorce? I don’t think it’s a scam. I think she needs a friend.”

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