Karin Luttinen is accused of throwing the baby’s body into the forest

A photograph showing Karin Luttinen.

Karin Luttinen.

A Wisconsin mother has been charged in connection with the discovery of her dead child’s body 13 years ago, the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office announced on Friday. The case involving the 2009 death of an infant is known as “Baby TheresaFrom the residents of Dodge County – a baby the community has spent more than a decade trying to name after putting together a funeral for the girl in 2009.

According to court documents first obtained by Law & Crime, defendant Karin S. Luttinennow 45 years old, “will not plead guilty / to concealing the death of a child.”

While that document is currently stored in the Dodge County Court Clerk’s Office, it has not yet been fully entered before a judge or accepted by the court. That’s because the defendant asked to replace a judge in the matter, according to court rules.

The defense statement said sentencing would be “disputed”. The agreement allows the state to “discuss all the facts and circumstances of the case,” including a general discussion of the “maximum possible sentence” — which the document indicates is “one and a half years.” imprisonment” and “two years of extended supervision. But the agreement requires the state “not to make specific recommendations on sentence length or structure.”

“The defense may request any sentence,” the document notes.

The request to replace the judge delays the waiver of the preliminary hearing of the plea agreement and concurrently “admits guilt or does not contest”.

If the defendant waives a criminal record and pleads guilty after a new judge is brought in, the plea agreement will remain in effect, on its own terms.

Karin Luttinen

Karin Luttinen’s signature appeared on the March 18, 2022 written plea agreement exclusively by Law & Criminology.

On April 29, 2009, a man found a “white plastic trash bag on his property in the woods” in Theresa Township, Wisconsin, an amended criminal complaint document filed May 17 3 in 2022 said.

The man “says he opened the plastic trash bag and found a bloody towel and possibly a fetus or infant inside the trash bag,” the document continued.

The delegates responded. The infant’s body was taken to the medical examiner’s office in nearby Fond du Lac County.

An autopsy concluded that a female infant was “fit for term pregnancy.”

From the charging documentation:

There is the umbilical cord and a small portion of the membrane. There was no placenta on examination. External examination showed no trauma. No skull fracture. No internal injuries. There is no decomposition. The cause of death was stillbirth.

A DNA sample was recovered from a large buffer package found inside the garbage bag. That package contained DNA that authorities said belonged to a “female relative.”

Authorities linked the sample to the defendant’s last name – Luttinen – through what the indictment document calls a “family tree DNA result”.

In January 2021, investigators met with the defendant and a male witness described as an individual “having an affair” with the defendant. Both are described in the charging documents as “very cooperative.” Although Luttinen “denies ever being pregnant,” she did provide a DNA sample, court documents reveal.

Luttinen, the defendant, was identified as the source of the DNA on large packages of drugs, the state crime lab told local police in March 2021.

The unnamed male witness, in court documents called “Witness WILL“Identified as the biological father of the baby, according to the revised criminal complaint.

Sheriff’s deputies called him on March 22, 2021, to report that news. Here’s how the document alleges disrupted that conversation from the perspective of the law enforcement officer who wrote it:

Witness S returned my phone call. I request a second interview to talk about the crime lab results. Witness S replied: “You are telling me this is my baby, you have to trick me. I have given you all the information that I know of. I don’t know how this can happen.” I told Witness S that he was the father.

I asked if Karin Luttinen was present. Witness S asked if she was the child’s mother. I answer yes. Witness S replied: “Oh my god, are you kidding me. Oh my God. I don’t think she knew either, that’s why we took the test, we knew it wasn’t us. I don’t want to say this is funny but by far the weirdest thing I’ve experienced in my entire life.”

Witness S put his phone on speaker so that Karin Luttinen could hear. Again, I request an interview to discuss the crime lab results because Witness S is the father and “you are the mother.” Karin Luttinen replied, “Okay.”

Witness S spoke more softly and I heard him say, “Should we get a lawyer?” Karin Luttinen asked her to call me back and the call ended.

The man identified as “Witness S” called law enforcement and said he and Luttinen were both “shaking.”

Witness S said: “It was a bit of a shock to me. “I just don’t want her taken away from me.”

After a conversation about whether Luttinen will be arrested – police say she won’t be – Witness S tells more about the couple’s life around the time the child’s body was found in the dumpster. a trash bag.

“No, I don’t know anything, we’re both enjoying our lives, and we’re both grown-ups, I don’t know,” he told the officer, again according to the charging document. “I don’t think she knew until it was too late.”

Both Witness S and Luttinen agreed to speak with law enforcement. Their biographies and life stories – a relationship that began with “lots of ups and downs” but “for the better” – are documented in the court papers.

Witness S said he had no clue that Luttinen was pregnant. He was in college while Luttinen was pregnant. From the documentation:

At first Karin Luttinen didn’t know she was pregnant, then she thought she might be pregnant. Karin Luttinen thinks she’s in denial, “it can’t be like this.” Back then Karin Luttinen was “a lot bigger” and her periods were irregular.

Karin Luttinen thinks that at the end (of pregnancy) she knows for sure that she is pregnant but her mind doesn’t grasp the concept.

Karin Luttinen says it all happened too quickly. She remembers being in the bathroom. (At Wood’s house) and sat on the toilet. She was also in the tub, “That’s not a perfect picture I can paint you of exactly what happened, I didn’t even know it was a girl.”

Karin Luttinen delivered the baby herself. She was in severe pain for 30 minutes.” She believes she passed away from giving birth.

Karin Luttinen said her water broke while she was sitting on the toilet. The delivery takes place in the bath.

The first baby is facing downwards. I asked Karin Luttinen if the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck. She replied that she thought the rope was partially wrapped around her neck. Karin Luttinen said she went, “empty.”

Karin Luttinen did not hear her cry. She did not see the baby move. Karin Luttinen thinks she lost power for about 15 minutes.

The defendant said she “paniced when she arrived,” put “it” (the baby) in a towel, drove “pointlessly,” and put the baby “in the woods” while it was still light. She said she heard nothing about the discovery of the child’s body on the news.

The defendant also said that she “didn’t look pregnant” when she was pregnant.

She also told police that she gave birth in a tub that was partially filled with water.

“Karin Luttinen said she didn’t intentionally turn the water on so the baby couldn’t breathe, she turned on the water to make it comfortable,” the document reads. “Karin Luttinen is in pain and she uses water to try to relax.”

She also allegedly told police that she continued to try to convince herself that she was not pregnant despite feeling “fetal movement” – which she said was “inconsistent” – and that “there was always a fear that the relationship would not continue. She also said she “drinks six to eight beers at a time on outings” and smokes a pack of cigarettes a day.

She said she had thought about telling Witness S about the birth of the baby “every day” since first contacting law enforcement but never did. She said she was “scared for Witness S, for her family, and for herself because she didn’t want to go to jail.”

She also said that she “didn’t know how to repent for this,” the document said.

Medical professionals were consulted. They said it was “impossible to determine the unique existence of the child”, for example it is not clear whether the child died after birth or if it died before or during birth. But experts also say “[t]its child was successful and the child was able to live. “It is possible that the child died “for a few days” in the womb.

From that expert:

With the information available, it seems likely that the child was expelled and died during birth or shortly thereafter. The baby can be born in the water, not picked up, and drown. Cannot be identified because there is no placenta or membrane to examine.

In Notice of feesThe Dodge County Sheriff’s Office has lamented the thirteen long years from the discovery of the abandoned baby’s body to the present time.

The community has gathered to give the baby “a respectful and dignified burial”, the sheriff’s office Written. “[N]o Family members can be identified and “Baby Theresa” was laid to rest without family present on Monday, May 11, 2009, at Lowell Cemetery in southwest Dodge County. While the family may not have been present, her community in Dodge County was there to pay their respects.”

Medical examination PJ Schoebel’s The 2009 investigation “did not reveal evidence to support the dispute or charge that the child was murdered,” the sheriff’s office said. speak. “The pathologist concluded that the incident was a ‘fetal stillbirth’ suggesting that the child may have died before or during birth.”

“This incident shocked our Dodge County community when it happened, but it is shocking how shocking it can be,” said experts from the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office, the Dodge County District Attorney’s Office and the Office of the Attorney General. The Dodge County Medical Examiner’s office, along with our community, have come together from the initial discovery of Baby Theresa’s body to the present day,” Sheriff Dale J. Schmidt continued in a statement.

He thanked the others for their roles in the case. Sheriff’s Office Chaplain Timothy Bauer The child’s funeral was performed. Todd Michael and his staff at Cornerstone Funeral Home donated their services. Matt Lober was a singer at the funeral ceremony. Retired correctional officer Hanna Mueller drew the original forensic drawing of the baby. Retired Sheriff Todd Nehls helped in the early days of the investigation.

“The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office and the Dodge County Medical Examiner are still mourning the death of Baby Theresa, but we are grateful that resolution has taken place,” the sheriff said. continue. “While this is certainly a shocking discovery for all of us, especially for Baby Theresa’s family, the closure can now begin for all who are touched.”

According to Wisconsin court filings, a criminal complaint was filed against an unidentified defendant – “Jane Doe” – on April 29, 2014. Luttinen’s name was corrected on the books. when her identity is confirmed.

Read the fee documentation below:

[image via the Dodge County, Wis. Sheriff’s Office]

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