Jon Mark Wilson faces jail time for plotting to kill an accuser

Jon Mark Wilson appears in a mug shot

A Missouri man previously arrested on child molestation charges was recently sentenced to 10 years in prison after admitting he tried to hire a hitman to kill his alleged victim in this pending bestiality case.

Jon Mark Wilson58, was sentenced by a US District Judge to 120 months in federal prison without parole Brian C Wimes On April 5, 2022, the US Department of Justice announced in a Tuesday press release.

A joint federal-state investigation began in January 2019 when a Missouri State Highway Patrol officer and an agent from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives met with a confidential source who claimed the defendant had “him/her.” requested to arrange a murder for him,” reads the criminal complaint filed in the case.

Wilson, according to the law enforcement source, was recently arrested by the Sedalia Police Department for child molestation and related offenses and was ultimately charged with two counts of first-degree bestiality.

According to the source, his plan was to avoid prosecution by having the alleged victim, who is now an adult, killed. At the end of that meeting, the ATF agent gave the source a recording device. The source agreed to tape Wilson and then introduce him to an undercover agent who would agree to carry out the murder.

After that it went pretty fast.

Less than 10 minutes after meeting law enforcement, the source met with the suspect, made small talk about a “business venture,” then switched to the hit-and-run scheme.

“The only thing is, I have to, um, pay off her cousin first,” Wilson told the source, according to the complaint. “And see if that happens pretty quickly then I don’t have to pay for statements and stuff like that.”

The source then said the hitman was from Ohio, but it was up to Wilson how things went after her induction.

“It’s the only choice I have,” Wilson was recorded as saying.

The conversation then led to some confusion as to the gender of the intended victim. Ultimately, that was settled when Wilson confirmed the target was a man and that he also had concerns about the victim’s mother — who is Wilson’s ex-wife — but that neither of them had appeared in court in the sodomy case to date .

Wilson then considered a possible plan for the would-be murder:

Another thing I was thinking of, if there’s a way to do like a carjack, steal his damn car and split it up. It has a killer stereo in it, what caught my attention was the stereo. I don’t hear cars like that driving on the street. I look out the window and this black Camaro drives by. From what I understand he has a nice black Camaro, fancy wheels, steals his damn car, makes it look like a carjack, then shares his car for money. . . If you had a car transporter, you could immediately throw his car in a car transporter and drive off…

Less than a week later, Wilson was introduced to a special agent pretending to be an assassin. During that meeting, the defendant said the sodomy allegations against him were part of a conspiracy by his ex-wife and her son to extort thousands of dollars from him.

“So what are you talking about, so what do you want done?” asked the agent.

“I’m afraid I want your child taken out because he’s the one filing a complaint against me,” Wilson replied.

“Okay. So if you mean going out, do you want him?” said the agent.

“Yes,” says Wilson.

“You want him dead?” the agent clarified.

To which the defendant replied: “Yes. I don’t know what else to do. I do not have another choice. My attorney doesn’t give me much hope with all this shit, this shit going on here.”

As the conversation continues, Wilson and the fake hitman discuss the details of the planned murder, including efforts to ensure the right person is actually killed, how to make the murder look like a robbery gone wrong, and exactly how the payments will be made and at what height, where the next meeting of the accomplices will take place, and the suspect’s gloomy hope of the immediate consequences.

“I hope she’s unstable enough to kill herself as soon as he’s gone,” Wilson says, referring to his ex-wife.

Less than a week later, at the agreed meeting point — a Cabela sporting goods store in Kansas City, Kansas — Wilson gave the undercover agent $2,000, promised another $5,000 after the boy was killed in two separate installments, and provided a photo of the intended sacrifice. After that, the agent asked him to go inside and buy shotgun shells for the crime. The defendant complied and then passed the 12-gauge rounds, explaining that he wiped his fingerprints off the box and threw the receipt in the trash.

The special agent promised to contact Wilson with a new Ohio area code after the deed was consummated. Of course that never happened.

The defendant was arrested while crossing the border back into Show Me State.

In late September last year, Wilson pled guilty to one count of using interstate facilities, specifically using a cell phone and crossing state lines in committing a contract killing.

The two sodomy charges against him in Pettis County, Missouri are still pending.

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