Joey Votto’s TikTok is officially the best on the web

Joey Votto is a great all-time first baseman for the Cincinnati Reds and an unrivaled TikTok legend.

Joey Votto is a magician from the very beginning and a magician when it comes to TikTok video productions.

Not all heroes wear cloaks. Some dress up like Ron Weasley in his sixth year at Hogwarts and post provocative TikTok videos. For a man who’s hit 331 career homers for the Cincinnati Reds, his latest contribution is 10 points for Gryffindor! This 38-year-old first baseman has more moves than Jagger and can disarm you faster than you can mumble Expelliarmus with a swish and flick.

And this one belongs to the redheads!

Joey Votto is a magician on TikTok, but he doesn’t want the world to see him either

While he’s as adept at first base as Ron Weasley is as a goaltender on the Quidditch pitch, Votto is even more intriguing from a dental office. Weasley’s future in-laws might have been dentists, but there isn’t enough novocaine in the world for that Make the girl dizzy after that. Votto is the songbird of a generation with the Goo Goo Dolls’ deepest rendition of “Iris” you’ll ever hear in your life.

@joeyvotto #duet with @maceahwindu ♬ Original sound – Joshua Johnson

With bass levels rivaling only a crash test dummy, Votto had better go to the best song Buffalo has ever produced with every attack this season. He may have been all “MMM MMM MMM MMM” after getting his teeth drilled by a complete stranger, but nobody thrives when it comes to pop culture references like this longtime Cincinnati superstar.

While JuJu Smith-Schuster kept us all from the most anticipated TikTok collab of all time with one Jackson Mahomes, let’s bring The Queen City Joes to life. Joey B. and Joey V. do big things on camera to make Harambe proud. That only works if Votto dressed up like Joe Burrow when the Bengals clinched the AFC North title and Cincinnati clinched the win.

Ultimately, Votto is in the back nine of his big league career. When other people are about to hang the spikes, they get a little depressed. Baseball has long been Votto’s calling. While he may never get an owl telling him he’s been accepted to Hogwarts, he may continue to build his TikTok portfolio to take his mind off what the agonizing baseball writers are about to do.

The only person who portrays Ron Weasley better than Votto is the simply majestic Rupert Grint. Joey Votto’s TikTok is officially the best on the web

John Verrall

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