Jen Psaki melts after journalist asks “Is this what ‘America back’ means?”

Team Brandon, back to stability after Trump’s presidency, at a time when Brandon’s policies have yet to completely destroy all the trust and respect that President Trump has spent four years rebuilding, enjoys used the phrase “America is back”.

Brandon will be taking a plane somewhere, and if he doesn’t act completely old, his administration will consider the trip a resounding success, claiming it shows “America is back.”

However, since the utter disaster of the summer, that phrase hasn’t been heard much. Starting with the path of disgrace from Afghanistan that everyone saw in real time, respect for America fell off the cliff and Team Brandon could no longer claim that “America is back.”

But some still haven’t forgotten the arrogance of those early days and remember when Team Brandon said “America is back” in credit for the respect Trump had built. Now they are calling him on it.

One such person is a reporter who asked Jen Psaki this:

“And one more thing, Jen. Besides the crisis in Ukraine, just this week, ISIS launched its biggest attack on Syria in years; beheading a police officer in Iraq – in video again. The head of the United Nations says Afghanistan is “hanging itself.” People are starving and freezing to death after the United States leaves the country.

So is this US leadership or what “America Returns” looks like? Would you say this is a winning foreign policy? ”

It’s a real hammer blow of a question. Breitbart reports that “The journalist who asked the question seemed to be Raquel Krähenbühl of the Brazilian mainnet Globo.“I guess Brazilians are as manly as their great, very conservative president makes them appear.

In any case, Jen tries to get out of the way of answering it, replying and saying “There’s a lot of stuff wrapped up in that question. What exactly is your question?

But there will be no turning back. The reporter, Raquel, asked a question and was looking for an answer. So Raquel rushed in, saying:

I’m asking: We’re seeing things happening with ISIS that we haven’t seen in years, launching a massive offensive in Syria and Iraq. We see people in Afghanistan starving, starving, freezing to death. And the United States – I’m asking – yesterday, you were asked a question, “What happened last year after a year as the President in charge of foreign policy?” And you say, “America is back.”

So I want – my question is: Just yesterday, we saw a lot of things happening in the world. Is this what “America Returns” means?

No punches were given when asking that question. And, because it’s so direct, because it goes to the core of Brandon and what he claims his administration is doing, Jen has to respond. She must try to protect his record and prevent any more humiliating remarks. She failed. Completely. Here is her response:

Yes, ISIS has been a terrorist organization for many years, before President Biden took office. They have terrorized people for many years. That’s not new, since last year. And we spoke out about it whenever it was appropriate to do so.

I can say that the role of President over the past year, as I have said a little bit here, has rebuilt our relationships around the world that have been fractured – have been fractured over the past four years. the previous year; remind other countries of the world that we are a reliable partner, a reliable ally.

And the fact that we’ve got over 100 engagements with countries around the world of varying degrees and forms, when we look at Russia’s aggressive behavior, says it – speaks up – what That doesn’t happen by chance. That is why we have a united front when we are looking at potential actions by President Putin.

So I think that speaks to the work the President has done over the past year.

Great effort, Jen. Very happy. Unfortunately, no one believes that all of this is just happening. None of this happened under Trump. Mr. Xi does not stalk Taiwan like a dragon waiting to attack. Putin did not bring NATO into the game of wits simply by mobilizing a few armies around. ISIS was defeated, couldn’t come back and behead people.

No, Brandon is weak and the world is reacting to that weakness. That is the meaning of “America is back”. Jen Psaki melts after journalist asks “Is this what ‘America back’ means?”

James Brien

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