It’s a great time to jump into the hilarious Elden Ring manga

Melina and The Road to the Erdtree protagonist Aseo just stare into the distance in confusion as two warriors fight in the distance.

Elden ring has an official free-to-read manga. It’s comedy, something completely unexpected, and really nothing like the game itself, although some characters nail their roles. And now that a new series of chapters has been released for a limited time, I can say that with confidence Elden Ring: The Path to the Earth Tree is one of my favorite crossmedia pieces so far.

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Written by Gag Mangaka Nikiichi Tobitaan artist one is best known for The daily life of a cursed sword and Monsters x Monsters, Elden Ring: The Path to the Earth Tree follows a Wretch Tarnished named Asebito (Aseo for short) as he awakens in The Lands Between. If you know the beginning of the game, you know the beginning of the manga, and the goal is the same: Aseo must become the Elden Lord while escorting melina to that great shining tree in the middle of the world. Of course, the journey is treacherous. Aseo, the loincloth that he is, has no gear (aside from a thug) and very low stats. The icing on the cake? He has no idea what’s happening or who’s who or what anything means. It is at this intersection of confusion and powerlessness that comedy unfolds. This is also where the story begins as Aseo becomes rect the tree guard from the crack. you know him The gold-armoured idiot waiting to kick tarnished ass in Limgrave. This one.

Road to the Erdtree protagonist Aseo is eclipsed by the Tree Sentinel after asking for a ride in The Lands Between

The way to the earth tree is a lot of it: Aseo meets many of the named characters in the game only for them to berate or spank him. in the Chapter 2For example, Melina calls Aseo a “fool,” so she includes all of his runes in the intelligence stats without his approval. Meanwhile, Aseo joins the Patches gang in Chapter 3. Brothers patch is there, yelling at the recruits like a drill sergeant while specifically grilling Aseo, calling him “junk,” just like the broken glass he brought in. The Lands Between is as rude to Aseo as it is to you or me when you play Elden ring. It’s funny relatable.

However, not everything in the manga matches the game. Take Blaidd, for example. Half wolf, half human, you would expect him to have a sharp nose and an even sharper sword. Only one of those facets is true, as Tobita wrote the Guardian Wolf as a clumsy jerk, someone who has no sense of direction and “can’t help but chase around” (because he’s a good boy). Godrick the Grafted is also not as menacing in the manga as in the game, favoring “trendy” things and working with his jerks to “make the next refinement something we can all be proud of”. Ah, teamwork. Sweet.

Melina and The Road to the Erdtree protagonist Aseo argue about the proper use of runes.

That’s why I love The way to the earth tree so much. It’s not a retelling of Elden ring‘s story as much as a reinterpretation of it that exists in step with the game to deepen our understanding of the lore. Characters speak a lot more in the manga and you get a glimpse of the relationship between them. (Did you know Blaidd and Bloodhound Knight Darriwil started a Ranni the witch fan club?) Also The way to the earth treeThe lightness of helps ground the game’s comedy. I mean, it’s not hilarious to watch the You Died screen over and over again, but there’s plenty to laugh about elden ring, especially when you let off the pressure and don’t take it seriously. The manga doesn’t.

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The way to the earth tree is free on the manga webzine Weird walker. The first two chapters are permanently available, while the following chapters can only be read for two weeks. So if you miss her, then you miss her. However, YouTuber Miss Chalice has told the previous chapters what is the best method to catch up if you missed something. It’s a great time to jump into the hilarious Elden Ring manga

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