Is there more than one Agumon in Digimon Survive?

Agumon is the mascot of the Digimon franchise and the main protagonist’s partner Digimon in Digimon Survive. He’s the first Digimon you permanently recruit in Survive, and he’ll stay by your side throughout your journey into the mysterious world. However, is there more than one Agumon running around that you can recruit? It’s not unreasonable to believe since there are several different versions of other Digimon in the game.

Are there other Agumon in Digimon Survive?

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Agumon has a rare chance to appear in Shadow Battles. Shadow fights take place when you scan rooms with your phone’s camera while exploring. When you spot and interact with a distortion with your camera, a shadowy figure may appear. Fighting the shadowy figure will lead you to a fight with several enemy Digimon, and Agumon could be one of them. Agumon may appear in shadow fights around Part 4. To distinguish your partner Agumon from other Agumon, your partner Agumon will have an icon with the protagonist’s face over their profile.

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How to recruit Agumon

When you face an Agumon in battle, you can recruit him using the Talk option in the battle menu. When you use Talk to have a conversation with the enemy Digimon, the enemy Digimon will ask you three questions. If you give them answers they want to hear, you can recruit them at the end of the conversation. At the top you see a bar that shows how satisfied you are with your answers.

Below is a table of the best answers Agumon can give when speaking:

question Most ideal answer
Did you know? Napping after stuffing your face is just the best! Yes, the best!
I don’t want to do anything but fun things! you too, right? Even more than you!
This is my territory! Leave something to eat and get out of here! Hunt yourself!
arrrgh! Graaaargh! Everyone else just gets in my way! Let it simmer.
Aren’t you a fragile looking thing. are you eating enough meat I eat everything!
Waiting is driving me crazy! I know what you mean.
I will pulverize you! Gwaaahahahaha! Nice, tough nut!

The difference between partner agumon and other agumon

Your partner Agumon can digitize mid-fight and turn back into a normal Agumon. Other Agumon cannot digitize during battle. You can unlock new Digitations for all your Digimon in the status selector in the main menu. If you unlock a Digitation form for one of the other Agumon, they will stay in that form permanently until you unlock the next Digitation.

For example, if you unlock Greymon Evolution for one of the other Agumon, that Agumon will remain Greymon. He will not switch back to Agumon and can now only transform into the next Digivolution like MetalGreymon. Only partner Digimon revert to their rookie forms, while the other Digimon remain evolved.

Certain Digitations are exclusive to your partner Digimon and vice versa. All Agumon can digitize into Greymon and Tyrannomon, but only your partner Agumon can digitize into Tuskmon. Likewise, other Agumon can digitize into Cyclonemon while your partner Agumon cannot. The respective Agumon have access to the developments of Tuskmon and Cyclonemon. Is there more than one Agumon in Digimon Survive?

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