Is it streaming or in theaters?

Think of reincarnation, but not in a religious or spiritual way. chariot is the story of an unconventional doctor with an unconventional practice. He reincarnates humans with a unique and very strange type of technology/system. And then one of his patients becomes an anomaly in his perfect system and things start to go wrong.

The sci-fi thriller features John Malkovich, Thomas Mannand Pink Salazar in lead roles, along with Shane West, Scout Taylor Comptonand Vernon Davis, including various other supporting roles. Malkovich plays Dr. Karn, the doctor who practices reincarnation on the dead, Mann plays Harrison Hardy, his patient in question, and Rosa Salazar plays Maria Deschaines, Harrison’s love interest. chariot is written and directed by Adam Sigal. The filmmaker is known for his previous work in stakeout, daydreamerand When the starlight ends. If you find this premise intriguing, check out this handy guide we’ve put together that will answer any questions you might have about watching chariot.


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Is Chariot streaming online?

Thomas Mann and Rosa Salazar in Chariot (2022)
Image via Saban Films

There is no official word on whether chariot streaming online or not, but it looks like you can’t catch it on any streaming network. However, it is likely that sooner or later this sci-fi thriller will also be available on one of the popular streaming services.

Is chariot in cinemas

chariot is distributed by Saban Movies and was released in theaters on Friday, April 15, 2022 in select locations across the United States.

As far as going to the cinema is concerned, it is currently prudent to continue to exercise caution given the ongoing pandemic. Although the situation is under control, some restrictions may still apply. The local theaters in your city/county may exercise caution and you should also follow the health guidelines issued by your city/county/state while attending the theaters.

When will Chariot be released on digital or VOD?

Usually, most films have their theatrical, digital and VOD releases at different times. but chariot do all three on the same day. chariot will be released in digital and VOD on the same day as the theatrical release, i.e. on April 15, 2022.

And as far as DVDs and Blu-ray go, there’s still some time for that chariot to get his physical media share. Normally, DVDs and Blu-rays are released around three to four months after they hit theaters. So, let’s expect the same schedule for chariot also, meaning the physical media could be available sometime in July or August 2022.

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Check out the Chariot trailer

Saban Films has released the official trailer of chariot on March 1, 2022. One look at the film will tell you that it is not your average sci-fi thriller. Rather, it’s a mix of sci-fi, psychological horror, and drama-thriller fused into one very twisted story. The trailer gives an introduction to the process of reincarnation as by dr. Karn, but how the invention came about is still unclear. Maybe that’s something the film deals with.

The narration of dr. Karn explains what the invention does: It helps people live again after death. The clip also features the protagonist, Dr. Karn’s patient Harrison Hardy who seems to be having strange dreams and there is a woman he was in love with. And then it all coalesces into a startling concoction of scenes of disturbing events that grip Hardy and Dr. Karn starts acting stranger as the story progresses. We also see Rosa Salazar, who plays the role of a complex female character and Hardy’s love interest. In short, if the trailer of chariot is any indication of what the movie would be like… let’s just say it’s not going to be an easy story.

What is Chariot about?

Here is the official synopsis of chariot:

“A story about a corporation and a doctor (John Malkovich) who oversees the process of reincarnation, and a young man (Thomas Mann) who becomes a failure in the system when he meets a woman (Rosa Salazar) who… he loved in a previous life.”

simply put, chariot is that dark twisted story a mad and weird scientist who reincarnates the dead and manages his patients’ transition process. He seems very devoted to this transformative system and proud of the invention until one of his patients starts to lose his mind. What looks like a bug in the system may not be a bug and is much more than what the mad doctor can fathom.

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Other John Malkovich Movies You Can Watch Now

Image via Netflix

While you wait to catch chariothere are a few films with John Malkovich that you might like:

Shadow of the Vampire: With Malkovich and Willem Dafoethis metafiction horror follows a fictionalized version of the production of Nosferatu, a symphony of horrorthe classic German vampire film from FW Murnau. In Shadow of the Vampire, the film’s crew begins to doubt their lead actor and director as disturbing events unfold on the sets. Malkovich’s performance in this film is remarkable and remains one of his finest.

The Ogre: This 1996 Franco-German-British film is based on the novel The Erl King from Michel Tournier. It depicts Malkovich as a humble but mentally handicapped Frenchman recruited by the Nazis during their occupation of France. But that’s not what this film is about. Things get spooky and horrible when the Frenchman starts recruiting children around town, believing he’s saving them from the dangers of war. And from there things start to get really unsettling. Although the film was unsuccessful at the box office, it was critically acclaimed for its filmmaking and Malkovich’s badass role.

As John Malkovich: There is hardly a celebrity who would not like to be filmed. But how about a film that visualizes the inside of a celebrity’s mind? John Malkovich a be John Malkovich is one of the veteran actor’s most offbeat roles. The film also has stars John Cusack, Cameron Diazand Catherine Keener in leading roles. Malkovich plays a satirical version of himself, while Cusack plays a puppeteer who somehow finds his way inside Malkovich’s head and experiences really weird things. And for the rest you have to look at this beautifully bizarre work.


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