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Players can be ready to storm the castle with the launch of Berzerk Studio and The Arcade Crew Infernax’s old-school adventure platformer. Gamers Heroes recently got the chance to take the reins of the young duke Alcedor for a short while – see what happens in our preview.

Preview Infernax

Things start to get a little wild when a book of great power is brought back. From there, the land filled with countless skeletons, zombies, monsters and other things appeared in the night. With the odds piling up against you, it’s up to the heroic Alcedor player to stand his ground and fight as if his life depended on it.

However, this hero starts things off with some humble origins. As a low-level hero with a basic iron mace and a rusted letter, players can take advantage of what they have in this MetroidVania. As players defeat enemies, they will be able to collect gold and gain experience. Several shrines are scattered throughout the landscape, allowing players to save, heal, and use their XP as currency to upgrade strength, life, and magic. Enemies drop a healthy amount of XP and coins, and those looking to crush can party like they did in 1989 and come back with certain enemies that revived enemies.

In true MetroidVania style, the world of Infernax is a huge world with different ways of going. It’s not just the keys that will unlock certain areas; there are many areas inaccessible to blocks and unbreakable platforms just outside of our jump heights. We look forward to seeing how Alcedor will evolve in the full release.

Combat is pretty straightforward, with a focus on timing and pattern recognition. There’s no need to worry about multi-button combinations – rather, one’s main attack button and quirky spell cast will get the job done. Bosses, miniboss and even the enemies we encounter require relative dexterity to overcome – engaging in a DPS fight will lead to a completely catastrophic outcome. People who grew up on titles like the Castlevania trilogy or the original Ninja Gaiden on the Nintendo Entertainment System will be like ducks to water with Infernax’s system.

While it should be noted that the title is still in development, we encountered some bugs with our gameplay. We ended up dying against one of the latter’s enemies, which forced our game to crash and start over – quite an endeavor. This could be perfected in the final release, but considering how having a Hardcore Mode get the player to the ultimate save point with all the progress lost, it could be worse than a spear face.

A great mix of RPGs, puzzles, and MetroidVanias, Infernax’s current build is hitting all the right notes for fans of the genre.

The game will launch in Q1 2022 – All interested can add the game to their Steam favorites here.

This preview of Infernax was done on PC. A digital code has been provided by the publisher. Infernax Preview – GamersHeroes

James Brien

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