In Dying Light 2, Anti-Vaxers don’t seem to exist

Screenshot of a person injecting a vaccine in the game Dying Light 2.

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Dying Light 2 is the latest big budget open world game that is exploding on Steam and other platforms. I like it, less for its story and more because it features great parkour and fun combat. Oh, and there are other undead zombies and mutants. But that’s not the most unbelievable part of The light is about to fade 2. No, that’s found in the intro when the game suggests that society come together and use vaccines to stop a deadly virus. After 2021, I can’t afford it at all. It makes more sense for humans to catch something that makes them crave meat.

In the original Dying light, a nasty virus that turns people into mutant undead monsters spreads rapidly through the fictional city of Harran. The city was closed off to the rest of the world and while many died, others survived.

As explained at the beginning Dying Light 2 through a short introductory video“the greatest minds in the world have come together” and can quickly create and distribute a vaccine to prevent Harrans Virus (THV). In the same introduction, people are seen getting vaccinated while the narrator explains that “Finally, mankind has won the disease.” All of this seems to imply that the vaccine has been successful globally and that people have stepped up and vaccinated theirs to prevent the zombie outbreak from spreading further than it already has. It also means that other countries and governments have worked together to ensure rapid and effective vaccination of their populations.

A few years ago, I probably wouldn’t have taken my eyes off this intro video. I mean, that’s the logical solution to the problem, isn’t it? Zack in the past, let’s call him an idiot, would have thought nothing of people doing the right thing in such a horrible pandemic-like scenario. Of course, everyone will come together to stop an apparently terrible and deadly virus from spreading around the world. Certainly, everyone can agree that a simple vaccination or two would be an undisputed decision to help save lives and reduce pain even further.

However, today in 2022, after two years of dealing with the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, I’m calling bullshit.

I spent the last year watching a scientific miracle happen before my eyes. In a very short amount of time, humanity has been able to create a vaccine – in fact many vaccines – to slow and stop the spread of covid-19 and make it a disease easier to live with. And then I watched people just say “No” to get vaccinated. Even if science continues to prove that it is safe and after millions of people have been vaccinated and are completely fine and healthy. Even after watching their loved ones die lonely, painful deaths, people still decide not to catch the virus. Everyone is still on the side with lunatics, right-wing presentersand antiscientific politicians are essentially the entire respected medical community.

Now, the virus continues to mutate and spread around the world. People who cannot get vaccinated for legitimate medical reasons are now facing a future where they stay at home, unable to leave. bastards marching around, often without masks, talking about their freedom and right to choose. Somehow, I have my suspicions that even the threat of zombies didn’t get some of these people to quickly receive a stab of m…edicine – not when they are worried about the possibility of some nefarious microchip or chemistry its inside. Perhaps, there will only be one conspiracy theory that vaccines are responsible for the zombies from the very beginning.

Oh, and if you’re wondering “Wait, did you say the world in Dying Light 2 vaccinated. Why are there zombies everywhere? “Well, in Dying Light 2 a nefarious government agency with ties to medical corporations has decided to keep wrapping the virus in order to weaponize it or use it for other evil deeds. And in the end, they screwed up and created a mutant strain that was hard to stop and kept spreading until everything fell apart.

Finally in Dying Light 2 In the end it’s a combination of capitalism and evil idiots that leads to the end of the world. Looking around 2022 at governments and companies that are negligent in getting the covid-19 vaccine in in third world countries and anti-vaxxer mothers on Facebook spreading misinformation, it seems ironic that we might as well start the apocalypse due to the same combination of profit and stupidity. In Dying Light 2, Anti-Vaxers don’t seem to exist

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