If you like Shameik Moore’s Miles Morales, you should see him in this movie

It’s been a few years but we finally got back together Shameik MooreMiles Morales is here Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. His work is just as great as in the previous one, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, in which he voiced our favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Come to think of it, Moore would also make a great live-action Miles movie. While Moore is best known for this cartoon role, he played a very similar role in his best work in 2015 film stimulants, who, much like Miles, gets in his way over his head. This role not only allowed Moore to showcase his range, but also cemented him as a leading man.

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“Dope” is a new take on the coming-of-age genre

dope movie
Image via Open Road Films

dope iIt’s one of those gems that makes us wonder why it’s not bigger. The film features an excellent lead trio of Shameik Moore, Kiersey ClemonsAnd Tony Revoloriwith Zoe Kravitz And A$AP Rocky also in the cast. Screenplay and direction: Rick Famuyiwa, stimulants is a coming-of-age film that follows Malcolm and his friends as they ponder their future after graduating from high school. Despite being self-proclaimed nerds, they expect to get accepted into some of the top universities in the country, but soon find themselves caught in a dangerous thread that ultimately leads to a life as a drug dealer. All of this is accompanied by a killer soundtrack full of 90’s hip hop (Malcolm’s favorite song) and even a few original songs by Pharrell Williams.

Growing up is usually the moment when we need to get as broad a view of the world as possible, to plan our next steps in life with what little experience we have. Moore’s Malcolm Adekanbi has to wander through many places (some good, some bad, and some easy). strange) to understand how to behave in order not to jeopardize the future he desires in relation to the future others expect of him. His fascination with the music and culture of decades past and his punk rock band usually cause him and his friends to crack a lot of jokes about liking “white stuff”. But the trio does not let this obstacle get them down.

Shameik Moore shows a hidden trust in Malcolm in “Dope.”

Dope Movie Shameik Moore
Image via Open Road Films

What defines Moore’s performance? stimulants It’s so impressive how easy it seems for him to inculcate that awkward and nerdy vibe in Malcolm. He knows a lot about the things he likes, and no matter how out of place he may be, he still tries to fit in. He balances his insecure nature with a contemporary punk look. Moore manages to do that, but still manages to leave behind an air of confidence deep down, which he shows more and more clearly towards the end of the film. This makes Malcolm even more sympathetic as it’s like telling the audience that he knew he was right from the start. It’s not often that we get movies that place so much faith in teenagers, and Malcolm really is an unlikely hero in that regard, but the combination of Moore’s take on the character and Famuyiwa’s story makes him one of the best in the coming of age genre.

After stimulantsin which Moore got his iconic role Into the spider verse but has also played in other projects such as Baz Luhrman‘s series The come down, Sylvester Stallone-LED Samaritanand more recently Wu-Tang: An American Saga as a Sha Raider. While all of these projects are projects Malcolm would certainly be proud of, none of them place Moore in the spotlight like he does in stimulantsand that, along with that spider verse films, is currently his most emphatic statement as an artist.

For spider verse Fans, the similarities between Malcolm and Miles Morales abound. They are both bright young talents with a future full of potential. Knowing what they want and where to get it, they must undertake similar and surreal journeys. Malcolm doesn’t meet any variants of his personality from other universes and of course he doesn’t have superpowers but he does does Along the way, he comes into contact with several possible futures and also experiences lifestyles that are completely different from his own.

“Dope” opened doors for great artists

dope movie
Image via Open Road Films

Although there are many connections to the spider verse franchises in stimulants, the film is also one that has helped either make people star or cement them. Shameik Moore might be the first name that comes to mind, but there are many others in this film who get a chance to show breadth and skill beyond the typical superhero films.

The most obvious clues here are Kiersey Clemons And Tony Revolori, the duo following Moore’s Malcolm. They play Diggy and Jib, loyal friends who are also looking for a good college after high school. Clemons may be known for her role as Iris West in justice league and now The Flash, but this is her first chance to prove she can do much more than fall in love with speedster superheroes. Revolori also gets his best role since, well, The Great Budapest hotelalthough he really sucks as Flash Thompson in the MCU’s Spider-Man movies, to be honest.

However, one of the most impressive subjects takes place behind the cameras. stimulants is Rick Famuyiwa’s first credit writer and director, and he displays skills here that even Famuyiwa’s work doesn’t exhibit The Mandalorian (as great as it is) can. He perfectly balances comedy, drama and suspense and gives the film a kind of surreal atmosphere Atlanta managed to get through, like Will (Blake Anderson), an upper-middle-class white hacker, tries to argue that he should be allowed to use the N-word because he identifies with black culture. It’s the kind of freedom Famuyiwa can’t get in big franchises, and it’s considered his best work yet. stimulants has it all and still feels like a small indie film made with love. You may come for Shameik Moore’s great work as Malcolm, but you’ll definitely stay for what the film really is: a surreal adventure about growing up and navigating all the weird different universes out there.

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