If these messages are as bad as they look, Joe Biden is screwed

Ever wonder how members of Congress make $174,000 a year, typically support two households, and end up becoming incredibly wealthy?

Exhibit A: Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden’s laptop continues to spawn amazing stories of fortunes accruing to the Biden family, including the Big Guy himself.

If you or I were to combine our business and personal accounts, we would have to answer many questions from the Internal Revenue Service.

But mounting evidence shows President Biden and his son Hunter mixed all manner of personal and business dealings together, including Hunter paying dad’s bills, getting tax refunds from his father and letting his foreign clients interact with the elder Biden, according to investigative reports Just the news.


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It’s been that way for a long time, even when Joe Biden was a senator and when he was vice president to Barack Obama, as evidenced by more than 100,000 emails and text messages Just the News and the Government Accountability Institute once checked on Hunter’s laptop in a computer repair shop left in Delaware and now in FBI possession.

Just the News and the GAI also reviewed memos and bank records requested under the Freedom of Information Act, publicly available from court filings, or obtained voluntarily from two former Hunter Biden business partners.

It all seems to add up to a pretty smoking gun.

Even while Joe Biden was Senator, Hunter paid his $190 cell phone bill for eleven years, a total of $25,000.

Do you think the DOJ will ever switch to the infamous laptop?

In 2009, Hunter Biden partnered with former Yale friends, including Christopher Heinz, then-senator’s stepson. John Kerry and Devon Archer to found Rosemont Capital, which expanded into various industries worldwide.

In 2010, Hunter and Eric Schwerin of Rosemont subsidiary Rosemont Seneca helped the White House complete the vice president’s tax return and redirected his Delaware state tax refund to Hunter to pay off a loan Joe Biden owed his son.

Schwerin later wrote an email describing maintenance work and improvements at Joe Biden’s lakefront home in Delaware that Hunter paid for.

Emails on Hunter’s laptop, which appeared to refer to the vice president as “the big guy,” “pop,” and “my chairman,” seem to indicate Joe Biden was counting on his son and Schwerin to enrich him before he was resigned office.

A 2017 email suggested Hunter had earmarked 10 percent of a large Chinese deal for “the big guy,” Just the News said, citing a 2018 book by Peter Schweizer, Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends”.


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In 2009, when Joe Biden was recently installed as vice president, his brother James joined forces with Hunter Biden to enrich himself in areas of the world where the vice president had significant influence, according to Just the News.

James, for example, landed a billion dollar construction contract in Iraq, while Joe Biden oversaw US military operations in that country and Hunter made millions of dollars from Burisma, a corrupt Ukrainian oil and gas company. Neither of them knew much about the areas in which they earned these monies.

Documents uncovered by Just the News and GAI also showed that Joe Biden’s claim that he had not spoken to Hunter about his son’s business dealings was false. Biden referred a political donor to Hunter because the donor wanted to work with his son and repeatedly met with Hunter’s foreign partners.

A 2011 email indicated that Hunter Biden’s partners had ties to a group of Chinese entrepreneurs who were desperate to get a White House meeting.

Apparently it worked because in November 2011 there were 30 members of the Chinese Entrepreneurs Club in the White House. They met with Joe Biden, although that wasn’t on the White House logs but was revealed in a CEC document, according to Just the News.

When Joe Biden went to Beijing to meet Chinese officials in 2013, Hunter was flying in Air Force Two with his father to secure a billion-dollar deal. There, Hunter said his father met with one of Hunter’s Chinese business associates.

In April 2014, Hunter Biden’s partner Devon Archer met with Joe Biden at the White House, according to Secret Service logs. On the same day, Ukraine-based oil company Burisma transferred $100,000 to a Rosemont account.

The following year, a Burisma representative and several wealthy Kazakhs from north-central Asia met with Hunter and Joe Biden at a coffee shop in Washington without the meeting being on the Vice President’s official schedule.

A 2016 email from Hunter to the grandson of a former Mexican president expressed his anger at the person’s silence, even though Hunter took every person the grandson asked him to come to the White House and the Vice President’s home had.

After Joe Biden left office in 2017 and had fewer financial disclosure obligations, CEFC China Energy paid money to the Biden family from deals in 2015 and 2016, according to Just the News.

By 2019, the cash began to take a different path when Joe Biden pledged to pay drug addict Hunter’s bills.

Just the News quoted a significant text message Hunter sent to his daughter in 2019: “I hope you all can do what I’ve done and pay for everything for this whole family [for] 30 years. It’s really hard. But don’t worry, unlike Pop, I’m not making you give me half your salary.”

So the evidence seems to be mounting. The establishment media is getting around, sort of, although the FBI and Justice Department are moving very slowly so far.

In fact, Congressman Darrell Issa of the House Judiciary Committee involved in the investigation into the laptop told Fox News Tuesday that the FBI and Justice Department actually lied about it.

“As we now found out, the FBI and Justice Department actually fed false information to Twitter stating that there would be misinformation about Hunter Biden and a laptop that would come out, when in fact they had the real McCoy for two years and knew that they had it.

“So in addition to the media, there is swamp activity [disinformation]All of which need to be investigated and we need to find a way to stop this in the future.”

When asked to clarify that statement, Issa added: “We have statements from officials on Twitter that they have been briefed on by the administration and have been briefed on [Hunter Biden’s laptop]. If they lie, we’ll find out when they’re under oath.

“But that’s what she’s saying at this point, that part of her reason for, quote, calling it misinformation came from within [Trump] Administration. And of course that means it came from people who were apostates from the truth because they had the real McCoy and they knew it was the real McCoy – and had him for well over a year.”

“Obviously a lot is being covered up,” Issa said later in the interview.

Can you say it out loud.

blank If these messages are as bad as they look, Joe Biden is screwed

John Verrall

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